Feature requests

Integration requests Device or service integration requests go here. Suggest a new smartwatch, smartlight, home automation or health service to integrate with Sleep as Android. Or something entirely different. Sleep Phaser
Tickwatch pro support [Integration requests] (10)
Option to disable pre-alarm notification (1h before) [Feature requests] (13)
Show current time on Watch Sleep screen [Feature requests] (14)
Take advantage of CHRE (co-processor) to significantly reduce power consumption [Feature requests] (2)
Add support for Honor Band 4 [Integration requests] (4)
Spotify Playlists [Integration requests] (7)
Amazfit Stratos integration/compatibility [Feature requests] (4)
Standalone full support wearables [Integration requests] (5)
Weight too low, falls over [Sleep Phaser] (3)
Working out Sleep Phaser and Xiaomi Mi Band data together [Sleep Phaser] (3)
Xiaomi mi band 1s supports in Mi Band Tools [Integration requests] (4)
Please add back option to postpone alarm [Feature requests] (7)
Main light on/off [Sleep Phaser] (2)
Integrate with SleepIQ from SleepNumber beds [Integration requests] (2)
IFTTT 30min before alarm [Feature requests] (4)
Sleep O2 sensor integration please [Feature requests] (5)
Add some way to actually import your saved settings (prefs.xml) [Feature requests] (4)
Openhab home automation integration [Integration requests] (3)
Average heartbeat [Feature requests] (7)
OLED (true-black) mode for the UI [Feature requests] (3)
Kokoon EEG Integration [Integration requests] (3)
Amazfit Pace support request [Feature requests] (3)
Google Assistant Routine [Integration requests] (1)
IFTTT webhooks for light and deep sleep [Feature requests] (6)
Awesome app! Thought of a feature request [Feature requests] (2)
Integrate with ResMed CPAP MyAir [Integration requests] (2)
Nokia Sleep as Trigger [Feature requests] (2)
Help me selecting wearable application [Feature requests] (3)
Passwords to delete alarms [Feature requests] (3)
Add Garmin vivosport support [Integration requests] (3)
Support to prioritize between multiple wearables [Feature requests] (2)
Fitbit Charge 3 support [Integration requests] (3)
Use Own Music/Sounds [Integration requests] (1)
Fitbit Ionic Integration [Integration requests] (1)
Sleep graph zoom - show min/max heart rate/spo2 values [Feature requests] (4)
Ticband Support [Feature requests] (1)
Disable Sleep Tracking [Feature requests] (2)
Setting to manually disable sleep tracking [Feature requests] (6)
Add support for Etar Calendar [Feature requests] (1)
Possibility to choose text-to-speech mechanism again [Feature requests] (3)
Design Update for manual sleep record [Feature requests] (5)
Support Amazfit Pace integration [Feature requests] (1)
Integration of Netatmo weather station [Integration requests] (1)
Solution for online radios [Integration requests] (1)
Add Easer support, open source alt. to IFTTT and Tasker [Feature requests] (1)
Wake-Up information [Feature requests] (1)
Tasker integration on Sleep as a Droid [Feature requests] (3)
Breath sync through pulsating screen brightness [Feature requests] (3)
Integrate Mobvoi [Integration requests] (1)
Minimum deep sleep hours [Feature requests] (1)