Feature requests

Integration requests Device or service integration requests go here. Suggest a new smartwatch, smartlight, home automation or health service to integrate with Sleep as Android. Or something entirely different. Sleep Phaser
Add Amazfit Pace watch support [Integration requests] (18)
Telling Google Home good night should start sleep tracking [Feature requests] (18)
Autostart sleep tracking ( 2 ) [Feature requests] (38)
Alarms for shift workers - bi-weekly non-weekly alarms [Feature requests] (16)
Compatibility with wearable trackers ( 2 3 ) [Feature requests] (40)
Integrate other smart bulbs (LIFX, Milight ...) ( 2 ) [Integration requests] (28)
Use both sonar and accelerometer for sleep detection [Feature requests] (15)
Calendar integration (maybe Google calendar) ( 2 ) [Feature requests] (23)
Integrate with GadgetBridge [Feature requests] (14)
Automatic Sleep Detection [Feature requests] (18)
Improve Lucid Dreaming [Feature requests] (19)
Samsung gear fit2 [Feature requests] (18)
Allow us to enable "Do not disturb" mode during tracking [Feature requests] (14)
Please integrate with the Oura Ring [Feature requests] (11)
Sleeptracking for Garmin Watches/ConnectIQ (Fenix 3,..) [Integration requests] (15)
Beddit integration [Feature requests] (14)
Add Spotify, Pandora, etc to alarms [Feature requests] (13)
Support for Fitbit Versa Integration [Integration requests] (16)
Google Play Music integration [Feature requests] (10)
Gentle volume increase up to a certain level [Feature requests] (17)
Interface redesign and simplification [Feature requests] (15)
ANT+ Heart Rate Sensor [Feature requests] (11)
Improve TAG with a TAG Manager [Feature requests] (12)
Wake up softly with simulated sunlight! [Feature requests] (12)
Fall asleep time [Feature requests] (10)
Improve lucid dreaming [Feature requests] (11)
Smartlight Yeelight Support [Feature requests] (10)
Monitor room temperature [Feature requests] (10)
Better snoring detection [Feature requests] (10)
Tickwatch pro support [Integration requests] (10)
Option to disable pre-alarm notification (1h before) [Feature requests] (13)
Integrate with Nokia Steel HR [Integration requests] (9)
Determining the ideal amount of sleep based on our personal cycle time [Feature requests] (7)
Motiv Ring integration [Integration requests] (7)
Check if I'm awake! [Feature requests] (9)
Option to turn off airplane mode automatically when waked up [Feature requests] (8)
Polyphasic Sleep Schedules [Feature requests] (9)
Auto stop sleep tracking when it's obvious that you are awake and active [Feature requests] (8)
Wake up time based on ETA to workplace from Google Now data [Feature requests] (9)
Tradfri Integration [Feature requests] (8)
Implement smartband from sony (SWR10) [Feature requests] (8)
Time in bed duration [Feature requests] (4)
Better polyphasic sleep support [Feature requests] (6)
Option to make "save battery" mode as default [Feature requests] (9)
Smart Power-Nap [Feature requests] (5)
Post-wakeup monitoring [Feature requests] (8)
Waking up from a nightmare [Feature requests] (7)
Keep tracking and vibrate if the user falls asleep again after turning off the alarm [Feature requests] (8)
Alarm option to automatically ring early when there is enough sleep [Feature requests] (8)
HRV Data for Sleep & Stress analyses during sleep [Feature requests] (7)