Support for Fitbit Versa / Ionic Integration

I’m upgrading my Pebble to a Fitbit Versa, and would love to continue using Sleep as Android with a watch.

I’m in the same boat.
I’m looking at the Fitbit Ionic.

It looks like they’re making the watches\FitbitOS more accessible:

It would be nice to know if there’s any traction or even plans to attempt this. I know that my P2HR will not last forever and the Versa would be my likely candidate for a replacement, but I’d hate to lose my SaA alarms and tracking (my phone sits on its wireless charger at night, not in bed with me)

Currently we cannot integrate with Fitbit since their API is not able to directly send sensor data to our phone app.
They have also rejected our ideas on how to simply make it possible.

The relevant forum thread is here
Okay, they didn’t reject it, it seems they are reviewing it so keep fingers crossed!


Any updates on the FitBit Versa?
I saw on the device list that “is is coming”…

Yep I’m working on it! Just had a week of family illness which broke my schedule a lot but I’m back on track, hope to get it ready by the end of the week!

The device list (‘Supported devices’ on says ‘COMING’ for the Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa and ‘NO’ for ‘All except Ionic, Versa’.

Does that indeed mean that integration of the Fitbit Alta HR is still not possiible?

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Yeah exactly, the Alta HR does not offer any integration possibilities, whilst we can write apps for the Ionic and Versa.

Im looking forward to this. I just picked up an Ionic. Im running betas currently let me know if i can assist with any testing.

Guuuuys, just a few more days :slight_smile: unfortunately life happens between the coding…

Can’t wait for this! Thanks for working on it!

Any Updates on this? :slight_smile:

Curious to know when the integration will be ready!

Hello Jiri!

Any Update on the coding?


This is taking forever…

Hi, please stay tuned.
We are running into issues with the Fitbit platform.
The app is almost complete (you can check it out at if technically inclined) but we are currently hunting down an issue where it stops after a random amount of time. We’re resolving the issue with engineers from Fitbit and currently it seems that the issue is probably on their side.
We might have a workaround for that issue, but first we’d like to wait on what their resumé will be.


Thx for the update, so if there is fitbit involved it could take weeks or months… For me fitbit was a mistake to buy… But this is a other discussion :slight_smile:

We’ll see next week what the guys from Fitbit say, but we’ll implement the workaround in the meantime. There are actually two different, albeit hacky ways in which it could work, so there are options.


Hello! Which watch is the better choice?