Backup option for QR/NFC Captcha

I like the QR-code and the NFC tag captchas since they can really make so that you have to leave your bed. But there’s a problem if you forget it on when spending your night away from home and haven’t brought those “Checkpoints” with you.

I would really find it neat with the ability to add a backup captcha, so that it first asks for QR and then for (say) the shake.

Probably by pushing a button in the captcha mode, like this [Use backup CAPTCHA].

support conversation with Victor

Even though I don’t use this, I’m supporting it with seconding this request for the sake of those who do. It’s very easy to forget to bring something so unusual with you on a trip.

Hello, unfortunately any fallback to use a simple CAPTCHA will simply degrade the current CAPCTHA to a simple one… what would make you not use the fallback every day? Many thanks…

True, but then what are you supposed to do in the user’s predicament? I’m sure us users know ourselves best, and would thus most likely pick a backup method that would work best for us to self-impose awakening. Such as a complex math problem.

Or, if we have geofencing, we have to get out of bed and walk a certain distance from where the app had been tracking us all night.

Or if the user didn’t track location, then if the app senses the phone being carried while walking (like a pedometer measuring steps), it can turn off the alarm after a certain number of estimated steps (specified by the user, who will of course want as much challenge as is practical). The user can pace around until the alarm subsides.

Either version of having to get up and walk would help wake us up in a similar way to the Captcha. :smiley_cat:

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Hello, I agree we should come up with some solution to this. especially now as we are releasing new set of CAPTCHA cheating protection features which make it really really hard to avoid CAPTCHA in anyway.

We try to find some good solution. many thanks for pointing this out…

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Hello, I’m preparing a fallback feature for NFC and QR Code CAPTCHA into the next BETA version. The fallback is default ON, but can be turned OFF in CAPTCHA settings if this is too easy for anyone…

You can find the feature under the lifebuoy icon… it will start a modified sleeping sheep CAPTCHA difficulty 3 but you have to find 333 awake sheeps instead of scanning the code/tag…

Hope that helps… we can lower the requirements later on based on feedback…

Many thanks for suggesting this feature!

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Hello folk, this feature is now 100% BETA channel, 20% release channel… many thanks…

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Hey Petr,
I just stumbled upon this feature, because this month I sleep at my parents’ and work 3 buildings further.
I woke up and got to work early but forgot to turn off my alarm and going home to scan the code was literally faster than clicking 333x damn sheep :see_no_evil:
If you could make the backup customisable to some degree it would be great :sweat_smile:

Don’t get me wrong, it’s really an anticipated feature for me and makes it less stressful to sleep not-at-home, but 333x was kinda like “ah man, are you kidding me?” :joy:


I’m with this, usually NFC is the best but as its my default so I forget. I’d change the 333 sheep to something I can actually save myself from when I forget that and don’t want to actually get up to turn off the alarm. Also if I’m on vacation and had a second alarm I forgot, I need to (luckily) powerdown my phone to avoid an awkward situation on a flight and possibly pissing off other passengers but power down protection could stop that for others. Speaking from experience before all this germ fun started.

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Same here. Has happened multiple times now and my location isn’t accessed so please let us decide how many freaking sheep’s to click. It takes me like 4-5 minutes to turn it off when I’m not home.
I even let maps and the alarm run in splitscreen hoping that itd somehow catch the location . .

@eazyalf sorry about that… in the latest version we have addressed it. The number of sheeps depends on your difficulty setting for the NFC/Barcode CAPCTHA… it starts at 50 with difficulty 1 and adds another 50 for each difficulty level… hope that helps… sorry for the issues.

To get this right now, please first join our BETA Testers group at: you can opt-into the BETA at the following address:
Or simply by visiting our Play Store listing and tapping “Join BETA”

I have begun just punching a bunch of sheep and rolling over and going back to sleep instead of getting out of bed. I have tried to turn off the backup in the CAPTCHA settings, but there is no save settings button, I have tried unchecking the “Lost my code/tag fallback” and 1- pressing the back button, 2- learning a new code, 3- deleting all codes and relearning a code, and 4- closing down the app… but every time I go back in to check if it is saved off, the box is still checked as on… please help. Thanks!

Apologies if this is considered bumping a dead thread but I wanted to suggest being able to clear the NFC Captcha based on available networks. You set your home router and if the alarm goes off and you are not home, you can go to the fallback menu and scan for your home network. This seems like it is a low power consumption/nonintrusive solution that is fairly quick and doesn’t subvert the Captcha’s effectiveness in most cases. The only way I see is for you to turn off the router (or put your phone in a faraday cage but that seems a little far fetched), and at that point you are out of bed anyway. I recently started using Sleep as Android again after years of having a phone without removable battery for emergency cases so I am very happy to see progress in fallback options!