Use both sonar and accelerometer for sleep detection

From Jared on 2017/03/01 07:35:17 +0000

There is currently only the option to use one or the other. I’d love to be able to enable both at the same time to make readings even more accurate!

Copied from original feature request:

From tash on 2017/10/30 11:18:29 +0000

Can the phone do sonar while a wearable does heatbeat/accelerometer?


From Lucas Gonçalves on 2017/09/03 00:56:54 +0000

This is a really good idea

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From Rogier Werschkull on 2017/08/14 06:51:56 +0000

Fully agree with Marcus: It is only logical that using multiple sensors (sonar, movement and heartrate) has the POTENTIAL to do even better sleep tracking. And on the battery issue: don't most people charge their phone besides their bed anyway?

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From Marcus Krüger on 2017/06/18 06:44:52 +0000

idea… This option would be really helpfull! To have the movement and pulse from the smartwatch, and the breathing detection from sonar. For the battery problem i recommend to use a charger during the night.


From Petr Nálevka on 2017/06/07 07:57:47 +0000

+Meyer… sonar on Smart watch would kill the battery on no time… but we already do accelerometric breath detection on Android Wear although Sonar is more reliable here as this approach realies heavily on the position on your arm…for example position on yoru chest produces best results…

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From Koh Ming Yao on 2017/06/06 20:11:55 +0000

Well, this idea is brilliant. But when it comes to my potato phone with only 1900mAh for the battery capacity, it can only stand for less than 6 hours.

From Meyer Denney on 2017/06/01 04:28:52 +0000

Yes! And add smart watch support for this! Currently it appears the smart watch can only track arm movements and heart rate but many watches also have a microphone. It would be nice if you could track arm movement, heart rate AND breathing :slight_smile:

Dear guys, it is not possible to use it with the accelerometer from miband II, isn’t it? Is this also planned?

Miband 2 is supported - you need to install either Tools & Miband or Notify & Fitness for Miband

I second this. A hybrid setup to use a watch to track heart rate and phone to do sonar and breathing detection would be great.


I love the idea of combining sonar and watch data! It might make overall data more accurate plus the addition of breath tracking would be awesome. Some watches like the new Ticwatch Pro have both a speaker and a microphone. Could the watch itself also act as a sonar sensor?

Well, this explains why my sleep data has stopped showing my breathing; I started using a Gear Fit 2. I mistakenly assumed that Sonar would continue to work on the phone while the Fit 2 handled Heart Rate data. That’s actually what’s implied in the UI; “Heart rate monitoring” is set to Samsung Gear while Sensor is set to Sonar. There’s no indication at all that Sonar will no longer work.

Please group these things more intuitively and make it clear that Sonar will be disabled if a Smart Watch/Tracker is used. Or better yet, allow us to use the Phone for Sonar and the Wearable for Heart Rate Tracking.

I’d really love to see the options presented as something like:

Sleep Tracking Sensors
Motion Tracking: [Sonar (Phone) | Accelerometer (Phone) | Accelerometer (Wearable)]
Heart Rate Tracking: [Bluetooth Smart | Wearable]
Breath Tracking: [Sonar (Phone) | Accelerometer (Wearable)]

I was excited to see that Sleep As Android supports the Fit 2 and that was actually the final bit of motivation that I needed to buy the thing. Now I am a sad panda! Guess I’ll just leave it on the charger overnight and go back to using Sonar and my Polar HR monitor. :frowning:


Ouch! I can feel the frustration.

I also agree there should be a more intuitive setting for the sensors. There are invisible overrides - not only in wearables but you can for example set sleep tracking on Smartlight > Sleep Phaser and that one will also take precedence and not indicate that sonar/phone acc will not be used.

This is unfortunately a lot more work than it seems initially - we’ve spent ton of time already trying to figure out the most logical groupings and layouts of the settings but each one had different issues.
We’re definitely open to proposals.

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Yea, I work with software engineers, so I’m aware of the difficulties and the can of worms that can be opened with even the most simple of changes. Fun fun! :smiley:

The biggest improvement for me right now would be that option to continue using Sonar on the phone instead of the accelerometer on the wearables while still using the heart rate sensor from the wearables.


I have a mi band 3 and use notify & fitness for mi band app. Would love to be able to use heart rate tracking from this, combined with sonar sleep tracking on my Samsung Galaxy S8

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Hi, I would also like to know if it is possible to perform this type of monitoring: accelerometer and HR of the smartwatch + Sonar of the Smartphone.

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This feature would be great to have. I’m looking to get light/breathing data while I’m also tracking HR on my watch.

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So it sounds like there are a number of people who think this would be a great idea, including me. This feature request seems to have been out there for a long time. Is it known where this falls on the feature request priority list? Is it a big code rewrite or something? It seems like since both wearable heart rate tracking and sonar already exist that it wouldn’t be that large of an undertaking to implement having them coexist.

Just curious…


I would like to “upvote” this feature request. Sonar through the phone mic, heartrate through a wearable both running at the same time.