Add shuffle option for spotify

Hi! Spotify alarm is a one of the best things that were happened with “SaA” (imho ofc) =) But there’s still no “shuffle” option =( Tried daily updated playlist with chill house - now they are not “daily updated”… so now i’m listening one song every morning
Please, If it’s possible - add “shuffle” option for playing spotify playlists
Yes, i know that i can choose “current playlist” in alarm settings and manually enable shuffle in spotify, but this is not really convenient option )

Hello @s1mptom… many thanks for your feedback.

I do not think we can implement this… what we do now is we ask Spotify to play a particular playlist but we have no control over the playback order, this is done by Spotify. Sorry about that…

yeah, I thought so
that’s sad) gonna try to find some workaround for my problem…) thanks for your reply and your work) have a good day!

There is a far from ideal workaround :slight_smile: - cancelling premium which will shuffle everything :)… I was also thinking that in fact the non-premium shuffle mode may be seen as a feature in some cases… I do not understand why playlists play always in order in Spotify premium so for instance playlists I use for certain occasions always start with the same songs first which is annoying…

found some solution with tasker and autoinput =) not the best… but it’s something)

Hello @s1mptom, can you please share few more details on how this works? You are similating touches with autoinput? I guess this is root only?

I found a way to start a shuffled playlist of your choice when the screen is locked and/or off, no root required. You need Tasker, Autoinput and Secure Settings.

First check if the screen has to be turned on and launch spotify on background:

if %SCREEN eq off

 Plugin - Secure Settings - Configuration - Actions - Wake Device - Screen & Keyboard Lights on / 5 seconds

 Wait 100ms

 App - Launch App - Spotify

 Wait 500ms

end if

Then send the intent to open spotify playlist (this happens behind lockscreen):

System - Send Intent


 Cat: Default

 Data: spotify:user:<userid>:playlist:<playlistid>


 Target: Activity

Directly after configure the AutoInput (run in foreground) action to shuffle play:

 Type: Text


 Action: Click

 Timeout: 1 sec

found this on spotify forum but didn’t try yet

another clue - i’ve found spotify app remote lib
there’s something about shuffle class but i’m not a java dev so…=)
asked my colleague about this) he told me that - yes you can enable shuffle using this lib)

That would be a great feature!
When I select a playlist I end up listing to the same song every day.
I’m not sure if that helps, but the alarm on the Google Clock app shuffles by default when set to play a playlist from Spotify.

Hello, unfortunately the the Spotify API does not have a shuffle option, but you can specify more individual Spotify songs and use the shuffle play mode of Sleep as Android… would that work?

I see, I’ll give it a try, thanks for the suggestion.