Mi Band 8 support

It would be awesome to have support for the Mi Band 8 for example through the “Notify for Xiaomi (Mi Band 8)” app similar to how it worked for older Mi Bands.

Notify for Xiaomi has enabled Sleep for Android implementation, now we are waiting for urbandroid team to implement it on their app.

Hi, may I have more details? I wrote Matteo from Notify asking if there is any news about Notify for Xiaomi app, and if we can whitelist the package. But did not get any reply so far.
Do you have any information about this? Do you have this information from Matteo?

Notify for Xiaomi will not work for sleep tracking, as the app does not seem to provide data in real-time. This may only work for alarms on the band.

Hi, we found the information for whitelisting the package on the Play Store database - experimental support for this app is getting into the next BETA. We still do not have any information from the Notify developer, and we also do not have any device to test this. So please, after you get an update, let us know, if it works.

Thanks, I’ll be waiting for the next beta update. By the look of it, Notify team may have figured out how to extract real time data by exploiting the “interactive game” function.

I tried the new version of Notify. It uses the workout mode to get live data.
I was able to connect in DIY mode using the package name com.mc.xiaomi1 and it seems to work.
I’ll report back after a few days testing.

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I tried it last night using DIY mode, sleep tracking doesn’t drain too much battery per night (around 5%~). Movement and heart rate recording works, but SpO2 still doesn’t work (but I understand this is rather an issue I need to push to OneZeroBit instead of urbandroid.)

Overall, I feel this the usual xiaomi experience. Next time I’ll try the auto detect test.

I’ve been testing it for sleep tracking but for me it only tracks in the beginning but quickly stops. It does vibrate for the alarm but at the end of the night the actigram is flat.
Did you uninstall the Mi Fitness app?

Automatic detection does not work. I assume it only checks whitelisted packages.

I do uninstall Mi Fitness app, so it wouldn’t conflict with Notify. Automatic detection works somewhat on my end… It triggered while I was working in the kitchen while my BPM is above 120.

Also Urbandroid has pushed new update for Saa, I’ll check it out later and see if there’s any difference from DIY approach

Automatic tracking works perfectly after I have fallen asleep. Although not sure about the accuracy of it. The notify doesn’t report sleep, however.

I tried uninstalling the Mi Fitness app but still can’t get it to track over night.
But I assume that is a problem with Notify not Saa.

Hi, does it mean you get some data, but not till the morning/alarm, or no data at all?
If the wearable connects, but later does not show any data, it might be some system restriction. Check, if Sleep, Notify, and Bluetooth are all free from system optimizations - https://dontkillmyapp.com/.

Yes, I get data in the beginning but it stops at some point. I’ll try the DontKillMyApp benchmark

I got it working reliably. The problem was that Sleep as Android was being battery optimized.
This is still somewhat strange though because I have been using it with battery optimization with the old Notify for MiBand for a long time.

Hello @muhdzakiy24,

is SpO2 working with the Mi Band and Sleep as Android?
I am searching for a cheap wearable to track more sleep data and the documentation mention it:

Hi @Dragonfire, MiBand 8 (or other mibands) does not allow SpO2 data in the real-time, sadly.
But you can let Health Connect sync the missing SpO2 data on the graph.

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Thank you very mich for the fast response. Does your sleep algorihm consider these synced data and for example shows o2 arlarm icons?

Hi, the apnea events should be calculated from the data.
But it cannot trigger the low-breath alerts for you…

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I’m using a Mi Band 8 with Notify & Sleep As Android.

It all seems to work fine, however I found that the vibration simply stops after a couple of seconds - and it doesn’t seem to start again. With my Galaxy Watch, it used to vibrate until the alarm ended.

I tried setting up a custom vibration pattern for Sleep As Android in the Notify App - however that seems to also stop mid-way. After testing a bit, it looks it stops after exactly 10s of vibration patterns (including pauses). This stopping is also present in the Notify app, when previewing the vibration pattern. Is this a problem with Notify, or with Sleep as Android?

Cheers for your help.

Hi @KyoouN, the vibrations are controlled by the Notify app, and if you have the same issue in the Notify, there might be some trouble there. Try the Notify support, I am afraid this cannot be fixed on our side. I am sorry.

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