Tasker: Dismiss alarm by label

Currently it seems like only dismissing any alarm is possible with Tasker. It would be nice if disabling the next alarm by label would be possible (or a currently ongoing one, if there is one). That would make it possible to specifically disable an automatically created alarm, without affecting any manually created ones. Wildcard support would be especially good.

Note: MacroDroid has this feature, Sleep as Android just doesn’t listen to it, so it doesn’t work there either.

Hello Fabian… please see below…

Enabling/disabling alarm by label

“alarm_label”: String representing a label of alarm to be changed. If there are more such alarms, only one of them is going to be changed (no guarantees which).

“alarm_enabled”: Boolean saying whether alarm should be enabled or disabled.

What do you mean? That SAA already has this feature? How would I access that from Tasker? Also, if SAA has this feature, then why doesn’t it work when MacroDroid tries to trigger it?