Spotify Playlists


I’m a longtime user of Sleep as Android. I wanted to request that you guys figure out a way to select particular Spotify playlists to use as the wake up sound. At the moment, all I can choose from Spotify is particular albums or the “current playlist” (though the latter doesn’t work as I’d expect; instead, it sometimes plays playlists I haven’t played in months, if ever, such as a playlist of only Eye of the Tiger or a “telecommuting songs” playlist). This leads to unpredictable results, which is the last thing you want in an alarm clock.


Hey I’ve been experiencing the same issue, I’ve been playing my Spotify during my commute and the playlist would have been changed to the Eye of the Tiger one which I have never played before and wasn’t on my account.


I’ve also been facing the same issue. Even if I’ve recently played a playlist before I go to bed it will play “Nice Morning with Smooth Jazz”, “Mozart for Morning Coffee”, “Music for Telecommuting”, or other playlists. Is there a way to make this not happen?


It’s such a relief to hear that you guys are getting the same playlists that keep coming up for me, and that it’s not some reflection of my actual spotify usage that I get a playlist of just Eye of the Tiger.


I have also had this issue of these different, morning commute or jazz playlists playing instead of my playlist! Please provide a fix!!


Google offer this now on they alarm app. Bye bye Sleep as Android!


5 months passed
The problem still is not solved