Use Own Music/Sounds

There’s one thing I’ve always wanted, and do not understand why it’s not allowed. In the morning, I wake up to my own Alpha Wave music that I purchased for sleep or awakening from Amazon. I have a whole playlist of my own music.

But I cannot use the Delta Wave sounds that I used to use before SaA unless I use an external player for perhaps 8 hours. I would like to use my own sounds as lullabies, and loop the 20-minute tracks all night, until the alarm builds up.

Why can’t we use our own on-board music within Sleep As Android. It has binaural beats already in it and also mono beats with isochronic tones for those who don’t use headphones to sleep. I just prefer the sounds I chose and purchased. I don’t want to run another music app.

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OR, since times are changing, there’s a marvelous new streaming service called “Tidal” which offers lossless and high resolution music! If it were possible for SaA to control other services, that would be very nice! Oh, and a pre-sleep “relax” phase could be added to listen to our favorite music before it segues into the SaA sounds when you start tracking. Just an idea based on a terrific little deprecated app called “Sleep Now!” which had two phases which crossfaded from one to the other.


I would love to be able to stop Audible at the moment I fall asleep, so I don’t lose my place so much. There’s an app in play store called ‘sleep timer’ that seems to suggest it is possible.

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Thanks. I will take a look. But without being hooked in to SaA, I don’t know if it will all work in tandem. Audible at least turns off with a gentle fade, whereas my only gripe with Calm is that it suddenly shuts down. And then wakes me. It’s a major flaw, unfortunately. Perhaps the app you mentioned could act as a bridge between the two apps, and crossfade them. Because I want either Audible or Calm to crossfade into a SaA lullaby for the rest of the night. I know that’s asking a lot, but sound is very important to sleep.

Perhaps with the IFTTT automation app, something can be worked out. Have you tried that? I already got the Maker channel to do stuff with the Sleep As Android triggers. Nothing fancy, but just tested it. (I am trying to get that Google Assistant “Good Morning” Routine at alarm dismiss. You can get any information you want into a single Routine. Tells you weather, commute time if you commute to work, appointments for the day, and then the news. Soon as that works, I will try with the sound apps.)

I will look at it. Thanks again.

I’m voting for using other streaming services like Tidal. I tried to switch because they apparently pay artists much better.

But it’s updating apps like sleep as android that will make all the difference


I use my own 3rd party app, Pi. I have no problem with it playing. Sleep android just records it so I haven’t bothered with the recordings. My only complaint is that sonar plays everything outside their app on high volume. I switched back to the accelerometer because of this so I never found out how well sonar works. It would be nice to be able to load my sleep music from Pi into sleep android.

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Yeah, I’m using the Tidal streaming music service and really attractive by its lossless music quality.
The only disadvantage of this platform is it doesn’t allow me to transfer Tidal songs to my mp3 player.
After I download music from Tidal, I can’t locate them on my computer. After the search, it could be they are cache files. So I turn up to get a professional tool, called Tidal Converter to help us to download Tidal songs locally and then transfer to my MP3 device.

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Neat little hack! I wouldn’t feel bad about it because they don’t offer a way to purchase the music! And that’s ridiculous, because people have come to expect that choice. Currently, I switched over to Amazon HD, which offers you 3 months free! 3 months! It has high resolution playback and you can buy the digital or physical media. Not sure if you can buy digital hi-res files, though.

It’s time to get rid of MP3 compression because it’s just not necessary anymore. Just offer the files in the highest possible resolution, but with individual songs like MP3s. The bandwidth is no longer the problem it once was. This would help the music industry and add an incentive to make better music as well.

Sure, it’s a joyoful thing to wake up with your favorite songs from Amazon Music. But it is not easy to set Amazon Music as alarm. I still not find an alarm app that allows me to set Amazon Music as alarm. Once I used TunesKit Audio Capture to convert Amzon Music to MP3, and I think those Amazon Music songs in the format of MP3 can be set as alarm directly.

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I think when or if Alexa integration is offered, that will be easy. The whole routine for awakening with Alexa could be set in motion from within SaA. I’d like that.

I know that. But I’d like to play those sounds from INSIDE SaA. It’s okay not having my sleep sounds there, but for days when I can’t use sleep headphones, I have monaual isochronic tones in the sounds I bought years ago. They say binaural beats are better for sleep, but they worked well for me. And with Sleep As Android, you can add binaural beats to anything in any event. (Although I don’t think they should be mixed together.) This isn’t music: each track has 20 minutes play time, which then loops all night.

I have recently had an ear infection, so can’t use my sleep headphones until it completely goes away.

And another question for those who use sleep headphones. Why are the Sleephones brand so much more expensive than the others? Just curious. Mine works fine.



Because now all music songs are protected content, you can not use them as your own sounds. Perhaps you can try Tidal Music Converter from Tunelf to help.