Fossil Hybrid HR support

Fossil just announced the availability of their new Fossil Hybrid HR models with e-ink display. They have heart monitoring, sleep tracking, and alarm support in their app along with Google Fit integration.

That app appears to have been around for a while for older hybrid watches from Fossil. Maybe there is some support that can be reused?

Sleep tracking and smart alarms would be the interesting things to have in place.

+1! App having been there for quite a while, thereby the possibility of usable API’s being present is a promising notion.

I’m going to have a look at implementing this, and see how possible it could be on my own end tomorrow. Think it shouldn’t be too hard from what we already know.


+1 I heard a lot of people on the pebble sub thinking about this one. Also with a good battery life like 2 Weeks it would be a great watch for tracking your sleep. Since older Fossils are supported I would hope that we can use this watch soon.

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+1 for that

Anything new about that one?

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Hello, anyone knows of there is any API which would allow such integration?

Hi petr, if i had to find out what api exist, how would i go about it? Would bt-snooping and capturing logs help?

See this progress in Gadgetbridge:

Probably we can integrate it using their api


The Fossil Hybrid app has a “connected apps” section, which makes me think it must have some kind of API.

I just got one of these watches, and integration with sleep would make this watch everything I ever wanted in a wearable.

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