Option to disable pre-alarm notification (1h before)

A while back I noticed that SAAD started notifying me about future alarm (i.e. I have alarm at 15:00 and I see a notification 1h before that there will be alarm). IMHO this is silly - I use alarm to be notified at the alarm time. But there is a more serious problem - I use SAAD to be notified to take my meds (because it’s VERY reliable) and having this notification poses a serious issue for me, because dismissing the notification interrupts the alarm (and it’s easy to dismiss it, even unintentionally)

Hello Wojtek, the notification is useful if you are already awake and your alarm is still scheduled so you have a simple way to dismiss it and not make it ring later on when not appropriate.

But to dismiss the alarm you need expand the notification and tap the dismiss action, simply swiping the notification away won’t cause any change to the scheduled alarm…

Hmm, for some reason in my case dismissing it caused the alarm to not sound which is less than optimal. I’ll test it further however it would still be nice to disable it.
While at it - in addition to dismissing it (to avoid sounding in imaginary “meeting”) it would be handy to have something like “postpone” so it would sound x minutes later – that way we will still get alarm/notification/nudge but it won’t interrupt anything.

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Hi, I did double checked the code and tested this… we do not do anything if the notification is swiped away or if you use clear all… the only thing is the Dismiss action on the notification… if you press that this will dismiss the alarm… to make sure this is not happening simply just set a CAPTCHA to that alarm, we will never dismiss the alarm without you completing the CAPCTHA…

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OK, there is something quite weird happening - I configured captcha for the alarm (AFAIR there was option to configure particular captcha - number of questions for example?), saved it. Notification popped up, I clicked dismiss and nothing happened - it turned out that captcha setting wasn’t saved.

At any rate - I think having this notification (for me) brings more issues that benefits (accidental click on dismiss may happen) and it would be nice to simply disable notification altogether…

Hello, sorry there are more complicated conditions on when we shown captcha… so if you dismiss an alarm which is still nearly one hour away - we expect this is not because of you try to cheat captcha so we are not showing capctha in such cases to not bother users with it…

Anyway you can always disable the before alarm notification in settings - apps - Sleep - Notifications - Before alarm - turn off… if you are on Android 8+

As I already said in support - I’m not on Android 8+ (which is only ~20% of all devices, which makes decision to put it there highly questionable). Why not make it compatible with 80% and place it where all application put their notification settings… in app settings? O_O

EDIT: with all my love for SAAD this feature and it’s implementation is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen recently (and I’m including Brexit! :wink: )

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IMHO this is a pretty standard and handy feature in alarm clocks. Please see below Android’s stock alarm clock the Clock app does exactly the same and I guess Google did test this on a huge user base…

I’m having trouble to understand how this feature could do any harm. If not useful than users may simply ignore it…

Claiming that if Google is doing something then it’s definitely correct seems weird - if I wanted google product with google features I would use their app - right?
Google tend to impose their “ideas” onto the world without asking because “they know better” (and then they close their services :wink: ). What’s more - even if majority liked that there is also minority (which can be sometimes significant!) that don’t like the feature… (and in case of google there is no other way than simply not using their products)

It’s simply annoying. I set alarm at particular time to get sound/alarm at that time. I tend implement distraction-less environment (which seems to be against what the world is trying to sell - you have to receive notifications constantly about anything, sigh) and instead of getting single nudge at the desired time I get two and it’s distracting even if I want to ignore it - and it happens daily; of course we could hyperbolize in another direction - introduce notification about notification about upcoming alarm because you know - the alarm may surprise you so better have more notifications! And if someone doens’t like they can simply ignore it - right?

Simple question - as an author of so customizable and powerful app that boast itself of allowing user to tailor it to it’s fancy why are you so against adding option to disable this notification?

Before adding just another option I’m trying to figure out if this is the significant minority or simply a minor minority case :)… In fact I do not remember any complains about that feature (apart from few wearable users who had to configure their wearable apps to not make the notification vibe their device) in the last ~3 years this is implemented in the app.

The problem is that the customizability of app become a major burden over time - not just that maintenance costs of the app are a exponential function of the number of options we have. But the related complexity become also the most common complain against the app from users who did not want to use it just because it had too many options.

So at the moment we really think twice before adding any options. Especially when Android moves into the direction were notification configuration sits on the OS level (Phone settings) and is moved away from apps…

Fair enough.

Though food for thought - maybe it’s annoying but not enough to sign up to the forums and complain about it? :wink:

Future idea - after introducing something run a survey whether people like it (this also helps figure out whether people acutaly like something, because complaining is more popular :wink: ).

Hello, do you really think people are afraid or too lazy to complain?

Did you know our green is “too greenish”?
And that our droid avatar has too dark eyes?
And some don’t like our too round corners of the boards…
And the coffee on the alarm board is discriminating tea lovers!
And the moon icon is extremely simple.
And my favorite one - I have really weird name…

Trust me, if users don’t like something, they let us know.

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Haven’t said that :wink:

  • complaining trumps prise
  • notification may not be that annoying because majority doesn’t see it (alarmclock usually set for nighttime, notification not visible for ~99% of that folks hence no problem); so notification issue would affect only those crazies that set alarm for the middle of the day :wink:

Just turn it off. In settings apps NOTIFICATIONS.

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“Just”… read?

It was already stated:

As I already said in support - I’m not on Android 8+ (which is only ~20% of all devices, which makes decision to put it there highly questionable).

Yes. Just read. I recently had a death in the family. I was occupied with so much else. He was my last close family, my father. I have no one else. I am alone, and there was much to do. I’m sorry for just recently getting back to this forum. I apologize.


Also, I can still be a little brain fogged from 19 months of trying to save his life. He was in a wildfire, suffered smoke inhalation.

Sorry, but I am a bit scattered.