Integration with amazon alexa

From mike Newcombe on 2017/01/05 03:43:48 +0000

It would be nice to integrate with alexa and alexa dot.

Copied from original feature request:

From Anonymous on 2017/07/05 11:15:54 +0000

Oh hell, yeah! PLEASE

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Bit late, but I would like this.

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Yes, indeed!


one more vote to an alexa integration!
it would be awesome to start a routine when my alarm goes off or even have the sounds from the app coming through alexa!


December 8, 2020. Another vote for full Alexa integration!

I would like my Alexa sleep routine to move with “postpone alarm.” That’s a big thing because if you have an early appointment only one day, and reset your Alexa routine for it, the next day, at 5:30 AM, I get “Good morning Robin. Here’s the weather, traffic and your Flash News Briefing.” And then I want to murder Alexa. :joy:
Just kidding! But uh, yeah, that can happen. In fact, it DID happen once!

Please integrate with Alexa. :+1:

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2021, nearly Q3 here

How have we not integrated with Alexa. What did I pay for?

Is it so difficult?

Can someone recommend an Alexa compatible alternative?

Uhm, no.

Sleep As Android is far and away the best sleep app ever made. That’s what you paid for. (But perhaps you were just kidding.)

It has over 10 million downloads - because it deserves it. It is the default alarm on my phone.

So, there is so equivalent. Which is why I’m pestering them about Alexa. It works a little bit with Google Assistant. But a deep function like “Postpone Alarm” would require full integration. That way you’d only set a one-morning alarm as per usual with a morning appointment, the routine would move with it and then move back a day later.

It would just be a conveniece, but a good one. I realize that I could wade in the Tasker waters, but I’d rather not. Plus! for the app itself, it could get a “certified by Amazon” label in their own app store. (Amazon Fire tablets are actually Android but with a skin over it.) That’d be cool!

This would add all the stuff from my routine to the alarm dismissal: the birds singing, the weather, a “good morning” message that changes every day . . . lots of good stuff. Another song. And the news if you want it immediately.


Please, this is really needed, we need to sync the time of alarms in sleep as android and alexa

Hello @Gabriel_Henrique, we have considered this feature in the past, but the problem is IMHO that keeping two independent devices like you phone and Alexa in sync cannot be done 100%… so inevitably there will be desynchronizations and unexpected alarms IMHO…