MI band 7 integration

Is there a planned integration for the latest mi band smart band?

Hi, MiBands are closed platform, so we rely on the help of a companion apps (Tools or Notify) with these wearables. They use BT sniffing technique and tons of reverse engineering to collect the data. We can then use this data for our analysis. So far, the integration was not confirmed by their developers. It even looks like XiaoMi is trying to close the protocol even for these unofficial data collecting, so we are not sure if it will be possible in the future.
If the developers of the companion apps will be able to hack the data, the integration may be added.
So far, they were eventually able to hack all the previous ones, but MiBand 7 might be the hardest integration so far.

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Thank you for explaining the mechanism of work here, it answers my question in great detail.
May I ask you, where can I subscribe for any updates in this particular regard?

Hi, I checked Play Store, and seems like Notify app added MiBand 7. Let me check with Matteo, the developer of the app, if Sleep integration is available.

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Great news, Matteo confirmed, so Sleep is supported on MiBand 7 via Notify app.


Thank you
So much
I appreciate your, Matteo’s, and every other person’s who worked on these projects work! You’re really helping me out with this.

Hi, I had no problem with Mi Band 6. When I connected a new Smart Band 7 through Notify the Sleep recognised the band. Sensor test is OK, sleep tracking is OK. But there is ino vibration of the band upon alarm (Vibe upon connection is ON). What should I set else.


I am having this very issue right now. Had no idea how to put it in words tho. Vibration upon connection doesn’t occur to me for some reason

Same problem here. Mi Band 7 ist recognized by Mi Band Tools. Also test vibration and test notification ist working. But in the morning no vibration or notification for the alarm from Sleep As Android.
Any tips or ideas?

Hi, if anyone has troubles with the MiBand, please configure a test alarm, and then send us the application logs (Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug) right away. We will check, if the vibrations intents are triggered properly.
Do you see red gaps on the graph? Is the wearable connected when the alarm starts?

On Amazfits, there was some issue with music player integration - there was a guide within the Notify app in the button section. Is there anything similar for MiBands?

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Weird, When I use Tools & Mi band, sleep as android won’t recognize mi band 7… But when using Notify, sleep as android seems to work with mi band 7 well…

I don’t know how differently each apps deals with integration… it looks like Tools & Mi band is less stable.

Just did so. Hope it helps!