Fitbit Inspire Series

Please add fitbit inspire series support! I’d love to be able to use the app and my fitbit together.

Please. I have an Inspire 2 I just got for only 70 USD and it’s perfect save for the fact that Fitbit refuses to implement Smart Wake. I’m almost certain that they’re saving the feature to promote their more expensive models, as it already tracks my sleep perfectly. Help me, Sleep As Android, you’re my only hope :slight_smile:

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Hello! Not sure if you figured this out already, but you can integrate your FitBit through the Sleep App. I have my FitBit Inspire (older FitBit} synced up to it. It works by taking your FitBit sleep feedings through the FitBit app. It’s great, because some nights I forget to turn on Sleep, but it still gets all of my sleep stats via the FitBit App. :slightly_smiling_face: Hope this helps!!

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Hello Amber and fellow Sleep as Android users! :slight_smile:

I recently got the newer Fitbit Inspire 3, intending to use it along with Sleep as Android for its slew of useful features, such as smart wakeup and smartlight integration, but haven’t yet found a way to make it work.

In retrospect, a quick internet search seems to suggest that it’s in fact not (yet) possible, because of the way Fitbit manages the device’s sensor data, sadly…

Are you suggesting that with the older model it actually used to work or even that it still should? If so, could you kindly explain how you managed to set it up?

I currently have both the Sleep as Android and the Fitbit apps installed, but haven’t found the option that you mention to integrate them, in either one… :frowning:

I have tried the “Fitbit” option in the “Use Wearables” menu of the Sleep as Android app, but that doesn’t seem to work. When testing the sensor (with SaA’s dedicated button), even after a while, it just gets stuck trying to connect.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Oh man I guess this is hopeless, this topic is so old and still not addressed. Big sad

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Hi, edit: now I see the other post as also from you… this is really not something we could change, this would be a request for FitBit. If they share the API for other models, we can integrate them too.

Dear urbandroid,

Would like to revive this topic once again.according to the conversation from fitbit forum (link above), the API has been been open/available, or simply reach out to fitbit team to obtain the API for the integration

Please help to integrate this Fitbit inspire 3 with Sleep as Android when it’s possible.

Would really appreciate it as I love both of the app and my device.


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