Integrate with ResMed CPAP MyAir

ResMed are one of the biggest CPAP medical providers in the world. There latest machines link automatically to a Web based service for remote monitoring and user stats provision. If you can integrate this facility into SaA it would take it to another level. You could show actual apnea and hypopnea information, breathing rates etc straight from a medical device. The research data would be really useful and important. Please consider.


This would be nice, I agree.

Just got MyAir CPAP Machine and would like Sleep as Android to monitor it. Plz integrate it.

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I agree!

+1 Yes Please!

I have to agree with this, Sleep as Android was my inspiration to get help and without it I would not be on CPAP, this is something I would really like to see.
Thank you for considering this.

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Yes! This would be great! I think I hear an apnea event in a recording, but can’t be sure. This would be very helpful.