Before / after sunrise alarm

From Leon on 2016/07/17 02:17:13 +0000

Hi, Thanks for your great product. I use it a lot and its great!
I would like to suggest a new feature which would be great and is in need.
Time based alarm, like x amount of minutes/ hours before sunset/sunrise. It should automatically set the alarm every day as per sunrise/sunset.
Example I want to wake up every morning 35 minutes before sunrise…
Please can you add this feature.
Thank you.

Copied from original feature request:

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From laser dude on 2016/10/23 16:16:20 +0000

I just a commented about this on another request for the same thing…seems there are several scattered around.

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From Daniel on 2016/10/05 15:32:55 +0000

I would really poverty this feature around this time of year to make daylight savings transitions easier (1 hour over the span of 2 weeks instead of 1 day would be great!).

I can't see why this would be complicated to implement with the sunrise feature already included

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From Kelvin on 2016/07/17 02:22:07 +0000

It's a very important addition Please include in NEXT update ASAP

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From Leon on 2016/07/17 02:20:02 +0000

I see alot of requests have been for this feature. Surprised why it hasn't been added yet ???!!!

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From Ryan Nelson on 2016/10/03 20:22:41 +0000

Automatically update the alarm time for either sunrise or civil twilight (typically about 30 minutes earlier).

Copied from original feature request:

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Okay, I have seen lots of requests for a Sunrise feature. Let’s get what we want on ‘paper’.

I know there is a sunrise button in the UI, but that seems to only set the current sunrise for that day. It doesn’t seem to be dynamic.

This setup requires at least an intermittent internet connection.

User Configuration:

  • Select Dynamic Sunrise option (obviously)
  • Set a +/- offset in minutes from dynamic time
  • Have a setting for dynamic or static longitude/latitude. Dynamic uses the device’s low accuracy GPS location to get latitude and longitude.


Background task

  1. Gets lat/long from GPS or set static lat/long
  2. Makes API call to to get
  3. Converts API time (UTC) to local time
  4. Applies User configured offset to alarm time
  5. Sets alarm time in the Android alarm subsystem

This task should probably run about 4 times a day in case the device is moving timezone/long/lat.


Mentioning people who also were interested in this feature:


I want to get up every 3 days 5 minutes earlier to keap up with the new daylight /sunrise.
Wouldn’t it be a nice challenge for you to create an Alarm what grows in getting up till June 21 and than an Alarm what grows to December 21.
My goal is to be vertical and dressed for Sunrise. So there should be an option to add some time to the actual sunrise timings.

support conversation with Jan

Probably need to append a sunset option to the spec too.

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I tried the info@ and it took me to the forum. Did the search and found the other (closed) request that links here.

I am very much in favor of a Sunrise alarm. Twilight (another product from urbanandroid) already has this as part of it’s basic functionality. It seems like the code could be copied into Sleep As Android and integrated nicely. I was surprised it wasn’t already available.

Yes, reminding for bedtime would be good, too!