Garmin Vivosmart 4

This device has sleep tracking, alarms, heart rate, and SpO2.

Would you please consider having it integrate for smart alarm, HR, sleep tracking with auto detection, and SpO2?

Thank you.

Do you guys monitor these forums anymore?

Aww, sorry, I missed your post - unfortunately Vivosmart 4 is a non-ConnectIQ device so there’s no way for us to integrate it. There’s no access to the sensors for 3rd party developers.

Do any of the Garmin connect IQ devices convey pulse oximetry data to sleep as Android?

They don’t - Garmin did not publish any API for the SpO2 sensors so the only way to read the data is in Garmin Connect app.

How about this


This is great. Would def continue to use SAA if this marriage happens!

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Any news on this? (Can the provided api work?)

Third this
Garmin vivosmart is a very good tracker and would to use w sleep as android (which I used in the past but stop because it didnt support this tracker)

Hello @Gabriel_Arce… we can only support IQ Connect devices which allow as to install apps on the watch which than gather accelerometric data from the sensors and send them with BT messages to Sleep as Android on the phone…

Garmin also has a BT API, we have contacted them, but they would only provide it to us under ridiculous financial conditions… we have argued with mutual benefits for Gamin users, but they did not hear this… so at moment we can only integrate IQ Connect devices…

Thanks for answering
I have an amazfit bip as well so will use that (interested on tasker integration to detect REM)