[DONE] Improve TAG with a TAG Manager

From Info on 2016/02/06 12:59:14 +0000

Improve TAG with a TAG Manager

[1] Edit a tag. For example if I have created a tag #tevelision and I want to correct it into #television, I can simply just do it with the edit function of the tag manager. Another user has already proposed this feature http://goo.gl/wYNwTB but the answer (use the search field to find the misspelled tag and correct it) is unthinkable if you have used the tag a lot of times.

[2] Remove a tag. If you remove a tag from the tag manager, it is removed from any previous records.

[3] Icon selection. I can choose an icon for any tag (both for my personal tags and default tags). The app offers an icons package (minimum 10-15 icons, preferably 30 at least), and I can use these icons as I prefer.

(3A) I can also import an icon from my gallery.
(3B) An option to disable icons, and see only the string.
(3C) Insted of see “#food #sport #work” it’s better to see something like this

   {icon} Food
   {icon} Sport
   {icon} Work

  in which {icon} is the icon associated with the tag.

[4] Assign to a tag a state: GOOD, BAD, or nothing. For example in the current version #food is mark as bad (red), and #sport is mark like good (green). My idea is to assign bad or good state also for my personal tags, and also changes the default states.

[4] Tags separated from the “diary”. Currently you must write something like “#food #sport Last night I slept very well!”: I think it is better to have two separated areas, one for “#food #sport” and another for “Last night I slept very well!”.

[5] Locations separated from tags. Now the default tag #home is just a simple tag. I think it would be better that the place where you sleep is separate from the tags, or at least that it was in evidence.

(5A) Statistics about locations: for example the place in which you sleep more and something similar.
(5B) Default location: the app automatically insert it in the record.

[6] If I add a tag during the sleep monitoring, add this tag on the sleep graph. In this way I know the time at which I have inserted the tag.

[7] What I am about to say was already implicit in the previous paragraphs, but it is better to specify: add a “Tag Manager” panel in which I can see all the used tags, and eventually remove tags, add new tags, edit a tag (name and icon).

[8] Very detailed statistics about tags: [a] better/worst combination of tags to increase sleep time, [b] better/worst combination of tags to increase deep sleep, [c] better/worst combination of tags to increase the number of REM phases, [d] tag on average more present in longer sleep, [e] tag on average more present in shorter sleep, [f] number of times it has been used each tag (ordered descendants, ascendants or alphabetically, according to user preference), [g] the ability to see the global statistics (i.e. considering all the present records), or annual, semi-annual, monthly, weekly, [h] if it is implemented the point 6, the most used tag during the sleep monitoring, [i] better/worst combination of tags to have another tag (for example I have the tag #insomnia, and to try to understand why I can not sleep I select this tag, and I see the tags combination that increases/decreases the presence of this tag), [l] etc.

[9] Automated tags: for example, I can choose that Tuesday is automatically added the #sport tag.

[10] Sub-tags: for example #baddream and #goddream could be sub-tags of #dream; If I add #goddream is automatically added #dream. Another example could be the #sport tag, with #football, #soccer, #swimming, etc. sub-tags. In the tag manager page I can select a “father” for every tag.

Copied from original feature request: http://urbandroid.uservoice.com/forums/264867-sleep-as-android/suggestions/12234723-improve-tag-with-a-tag-manager

From Robin Markowitz on 2017/06/03 02:22:59 +0000

I think the Sleepmeter guy just plain quit and sees no reason to change anything. The best things he has are what Aids and Hindrances. You could just add tags in either a positive or negative category. Second thing, and this is unique, I think, is the concept of sleep "holes." If you awaken often or even just sometimes, the awake time is subtracted from the total. And because of Aids and Hindrances, you get a picture of what is helping or hindering your awakenings or lack theteof. Awakenings are terrible and your app has helped so very much! Less "sleep holes."

He has nearly deprecated his app: 2 years and no updates at all. So, the really cool parts are fair game if they've given up. Is that ethical? Because the features shouldn't die even if the developer got bored.

From Sanda on 2016/06/13 08:25:38 +0000

especialy tag manager woud help, i'm in vacation and my sleeps got #geo1. For each of the following i have to manually type the same location.
About the sport, I noticed that i doesn't matter the exact sport but the intensity, duration, and hours before going to bad. And this is also what my doctors told me. Sport is energizing so it's better to do it in the first part of the day. Anyway, if we would have tag manager, one could bıild his own tags for all.


From Robin Markowitz on 2016/06/13 04:13:10 +0000

+Petra Nálevka That would be extremely cool! Integration with Sleepmeter. But he's not dedicated like you guys: he added material design, quashed some bugs from it, and then no updates since. But he's brilliant and really funny!

And this suggestion actually describea Sleepmeter.

From Solveig Lyby on 2016/04/08 03:02:17 +0000

I really need to be able to change location tags, by that I mean naming the place. I don't really remember what location 1, 2, 3 or 0 was, and I need to be able to save many more locations as I travel a lot for work.


From Anonymous on 2016/03/25 00:12:38 +0000

This should be great!

From Anonymous on 2016/03/10 12:53:10 +0000

Some tag could be added automatically. The weather for instance. I should just give my GPS position, and the app will figure everything.

The goes with the sports. Fitness tracker can be used.

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From Petr Nálevka on 2016/03/02 20:09:20 +0000

+Robin, I'm happy to provide any guidance to SleepMeter on this if they like to integrate…

From Robin Markowitz on 2016/02/26 23:49:07 +0000

I am more interested in the core app functioning as well as possible. I have a sleep diary app called Sleepmeter that does all that and more. Only kick about it is that the only tracker it imports is Sleep Bot, which is notoriously inaccurate. I will ask him if he can access Sleep Cloud and import from there.

SaA is VERY good - great at what its supposed to do. It doesn't have to do the work of several apps. Just leave the ability to hook into those apps, which it ALSO does.

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Agreed! If I’m woken up by a crying baby, as a non-parent, something is terribly wrong. :wink:

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I wish to edit/customise the tags list where can I do that?
I have the paid version of SaA


Tags customization order, icon, autocomplete, wpuld be nice feature.

I think the above ideas are great, but a Tag Manager would be a significant amount of work.

I think it might be more achievable if the goal was set much lower. I really find it painful that Sleep as Android doesn’t have basic tag management. I’d be happy with just the first two features (that I have paraphrased below), and am willing to help fund their development if required.

  • No. 1: The ability to merge tags
  • No. 2: The ability to delete tags
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Thanks @MechtEngineer, I agree that starting with something that could be done quickly and iterating over that is much more likely to yield some fruit.

Let’s clarify your suggestions.

  1. Merging tags = have a list of tags that I’ve ever used, select two of them and they become one with a new name, throughout your entire sleep history
  2. Deleting tags = have a list of tags, select one of them. That will delete that tag from each record that has through your sleep record history

Some tags are predefined in the app. So those would not be eligible for merging or deleting. Or maybe it should be possible to merge a custom tag into a predefined tag.

Do I understand correctly? Any other ideas?

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Thanks @jiri-urbandroid, yes, your interpretations are correct. Although perhaps “merging” makes it sound more complex than it actually needs to be. Perhaps No. 1 should just be “renaming”. If you rename a tag “xxxx” to “yyyy”, then the rename function would find all tags with name “xxxx” throughout your entire sleep history and rename it to “yyyy”. This would be enormously helpful for:

  1. Renaming tags with the wrong spelling, as given in the original example
  2. Combining tags that refer to the same thing (e.g. you enter “#coffee” one night, and then a month later enter “espresso”, forgetting that you already had a tag that would have been suitable)
  3. As is the case most often with “tag beginners”, realising that your tags need to be more descriptive (e.g. you entered “exercise” as a tag because you did a 30 min walk, but then three days later you start a new fitness regime and run 10km, and realise your definition of “exercise” needs granularity if it is going to be useful to interpret the effect on your sleep! Renaming means you can now define all past “#exercise” tags you made as “#exercise_low”, and now you’ll be able to see the effect of your latest fitness fad on your sleep with “#exercise_medium” and “#exercise_high”.)

+1 this was the reason I first tried another app that actually had this function. In the bases just deleting and adding new standard icons would be enough for me. Currently It’s just a pain since you got a lot of stuff you don’t use and the custom options aren’t helpfull since you can’t structure them because you’ll need to remember your previous tag behavor.

The predefined tags in the app should be deletable, as a man I don’t need the menstruation tag. My babies are grown up so I don’t need that either.

Is there currently a way to see all of the tags I’ve ever used? If not we need the ability to see and edit all of our historic tags. As mentioned by MechtEngineer, I’ve used coffee, tea, espresso, decaf, etc because I am caffeine sensitive and was trying to dial in how much and what type of caffeine I can handle.

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Currently the tags do not include sleep hygiene tracking tags. Please add the sleep behavior tags such as:
Use of blue blocking glasses
Screen/blue light detox 2 hours prior to bed
Breathing exercises
Dimming lights

These tags could be a sub-set that can be turned off or on by the user. For people trying to improve their sleep hygiene these tags would be useful.

you can create any tag by using #text (e.g. #blueblocking, #reading, #bluelight…) or even #emoji (#:coffee: for coffee, or a set of #:slightly_smiling_face: #:neutral_face: #:persevere: for mood tracking).
The order of the tags in the list is based on your usage, so the unused are at the end of the list, and the most frequently used come first for easy access).


Only some of the tags I create show up in the list of tags. Why is that?

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