Improve Lucid Dreaming

From Info on 2015/06/23 18:21:07 +0000

Here are some useful “Lucid Dreaming” features.

[1] Dream diary. I know that actually I can write a dream into the notes, but this is not very nice for a “professional dreamer” (XD). A basic dream diary must have the possibility to enter multiple entries for night (an entry for a dream, multiple entries for multiple dreams). Every entry must have a title and a description (the storytelling of the dream). An advance dream diary should have other features: [a] Dream signs tags, separated from the already existent tags. Statistics and graphs for the dream signs. For more information about dream signs see [b] Voice recording: if I don’t want to write my dream, I record it. [c] Adding photos: some lucid dreamers draw their dreams, so could be useful to add a photo of the draw. [d] Vote a dream, like the actual sleep vote system. [e] Most of the time a dream is very personal: so the diary should have an option to add a password to it (and to encrypt all the records saved to the cloud). [f] Insert a dream in the diary during the sleep monitoring: a lot of dreamers and lucid dreamers learn to wake up after a dream to write it, so this feature is (for they) almost indispensable. [g] Insert a person from the contacts list: in this way I can see how much I dram about that person. This would be nice, but is not very important.

[2] Statistics about dreams: [a] number of dreams (per week, per month, per year, total, etc.), [b] numbers of lucid dreams, [c] percentage of dreams compared to the total number of sleeps, [d] percentage of lucid dreams compared to the total number of dreams, [e] situations that increase the possibility to have dreams, using the other tags, [f] statistics about dream signs, [g] graphs, [h] etc.

[3] Reality check reminder. This is a very important thing for a lucid dreamer, see The reality check reminder must remind the user to perform a reality check, with a simple notification. For example the user see the string “From HH:MM to HH:MM”: the user can set the time interval in which the notifications appears. Then the user can choose other options: [a] “Notification every X minutes”, [b] “N notifications”: a total of N notification in the time interval, each at the same distance from the other, [c] “N random notifications”: a total of N notifications, but random spawned during the time interval.

[4] Actually I can set a ringtone, but there is no way to disable it during the sleep monitoring. A button to disable it can be useful, because sometime if I’m light sleep, the ringtone wake up me.

[5] Possibility of enter a time interval for the ringtone. If the deep sleep is recognized in a time included in the time interval, the ringtone starts, otherwise no.

[6] Morning dream diary reminder: to remember the user to write the dreams.

[7] Morning reality check reminder: to remember the user to do a reality check, and prevent a false awakening. For more information see

[8] Like I already said, some dreamers learn to wake up after a dream. But this is not always possible. Then a nice feature could be an optional alarm that ring at the end of a REM phase.

[9] Integration of Philips Hue also for lucid dreaming.

[10] When I start the sleep monitoring there are some information, like for example “Lie down in your bed and place your phone on the mattress near your body”. Another information could be “Try to remember the dream”. In effect simply trying to say “I have to remember the dreams”, increasing the chances of remember them.

It would be nice to see all these things in a future relase, but I know that is not simple to implements all these features. So a compromise could be the creation of a paid “Lucid Dreaming” plugin.

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From Marcin on 2016/09/09 18:25:31 +0000

Nice suggestion! I really need Dream Diary

From András Fuchs on 2016/05/22 10:09:29 +0000

+1 to [1]b, [1]g and [10]

+Petr: I have just tried the "Record a note" function after I started sleep tracking (in v20160317), but after the popup "record a note" nothing happens. It would be great to be able to record an audio while tracking by clicking and pushing the (wired) headsets button, using its microphone.
The phone's LED should be red while recording while its screen should remain turned off.

Also as [12] to support the DEILD induction technique, it would be good to snooze the alarm clock if Sleep as Android detects that the user was waken up (detecting could be automatic or by allowing to use the headset's button to indicate wakefulness)
[Now the headset's volume button dismisses the current alarm.]

[13] Similarly to SMART period, a function would be nice to keep the user as close to wakefulness as possible, by turning on and off the alarm and increasing or decreasing its volume depending on the current "deepness" of the sleep. Becoming lucid is easiest when we are almost awake.

From Anonymous on 2016/05/06 08:42:28 +0000

This would be great

From Petr Nálevka on 2016/03/01 14:25:32 +0000

+Huber we have the same… simply use "menu>edit, tags" straight from the tracking screen… You can even record voice notes with you don't want to look at the screen too much… there is "menu>Record a note" or simply tap the red dot on the main tracking screen…

From Hubert on 2016/02/28 14:20:09 +0000

Sleep Better by Runtastic has a neat and useful option to enter the dream when you wake up in the middle of the night, and choose between a couple of tags (happy, terrified and neutral) within just a couple of seconds so you can go straight back to sleep.

From Sounders on 2016/02/07 23:00:35 +0000

This is an AMAZING suggestion! If all these things were implemented, it would be great!

From Janis Froehlig on 2016/01/26 07:50:21 +0000

This sounds like an iinsurmountable project to me. In the mean time, for dream recording/journalling, and a couple of other requirements listed, there are two notable note-taker & audio-recording apps I'd like to suggest: Lecture Notes and FiiNote. You can launch either one with an alternative launcher (like one that responds to a shake, Gesture Control, or Tasker) to default to audio recording, or not.

I'm convinced you'd all be happier with the dream journal these packages offer than what SAA will (likely) offer in the next year. I'm just looking at the enormous list of requested features, both yours and those of others… of which several are entirely geared toward better health (which would be my personal priority), and more of them geared to productivity. Then I'm thinking what you need has, for the most part, already been developed, just not with the triggers you have in mind.

Maybe API's on either side, or some sort of interface, might render better results in the end. Generating useable code, much less really cool stuff, is so very time and expertise consuming.

From P-N on 2015/12/30 00:33:01 +0000

Voice recording would be great!

From Anonymous on 2015/11/13 18:17:37 +0000

For [1][b]: It'd be ideal if when the app is already running, the existing functionality is used to include a voice record button/journal option to record notes for the current time segment, and then access these records easily with appropriate time/date tagging upon termination of sleep tracking.

From Elizabeth on 2015/08/27 01:30:55 +0000

This is everything I want and more from this app. I would definitly pay for an upgrade like this to the original system.

From Gazalle on 2015/07/21 10:10:42 +0000

In otherwords make the lucid dream settings be available and controlled separately for each alarm

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From Gazalle on 2015/07/21 03:49:52 +0000

Feature number 5 is most important. I consider it a fix that would solve a problem with ring firing and prematurely disturbing waking us up at first and beginning of our sleep cycle.

From Ryan Blakeslee on 2015/07/01 19:43:29 +0000

You say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one…

From Pretenderman on 2015/06/29 11:02:51 +0000

I think that all these features are to be implemented! In particular, the dream journal!

From Info on 2015/06/26 23:54:06 +0000

[11] Solve this problem: as someone has already said here <>, when I enable both the lucid dreaming ringtone and the voice recorder, the latter records all the lucid dreaming ringtones. A simple solution is to disable the voice recorder before starts a ringtone, and then re-enable it.

Improving the lucid dreaming part would be awesome!

I would like that the feature be linked to a given alarm instead of global ( being able to enable lucid dreaming only for the weekend for example)

Also, the reminder triggers during deep sleep according to the doc, shouldn’t it be better during rem phases?

I got inspired by this:

but I already own a smartwatch.
So wouldn’t it be possible to integrate this:

regularly send a simple but recognizable vibrate pattern (unique, configurable) to remind the user of a reality check.
then set sleep as android during the night to only send the same pattern ( no sound, just vibration )

Does this option implemented?

" [8] Like I already said, some dreamers learn to wake up after a dream. But this is not always possible. Then a nice feature could be an optional alarm that ring at the end of a REM phase. "

I have never experienced waking me up during lucid dreaming. Because during my sleep I am kinda dead, sounds do not work (you should keep in mind the paradox phase in sleep when loud sounds are diminished or low sounds are enhanced). However, I recently tried anti-snorring device on wrist which detected my snoring and made electric impulses through skin. It looks like helped. The same for the lucid dreaming or even for OBE: the app won’t help. You need to use the app in conjunction with your own methods.