Fire an event a defined period before an alarm

Many thanks for a great app, I switched looking to integrate with my Home Automation set up. Below are a couple of related feature requests which would really help with a couple of use-cases.

Request: Fire an event a defined period before an alarm (e.g. 60 mins), including the alarm_label of the alarm (if a label has been sent).

Use cases
I’m using home automation (via Tasker > MQTT > Node-Red > Home Assistant) and would like to trigger events before I wake up all based on setting a single alarm time. Currently using a workaround, but with limitations.

Examples could include:

  • Open blinds
  • Turn on lights to wake gradually before alarm
  • Trigger music before alarm
  • Start the coffee
  • Set heating

Alarm_label being added to the notification (and ideally being added to existing alarm events) would enable use cases such as having different actions trigger based on which alarms are enabled (e.g. Early train day, travelling, lie-in etc.) and mean that all wake-up actions are controlled by setting one alarm.

Current Workaround

  • Set ‘alarm sound start’ and then applying a delay in the automation. You then have to set each alarm to be x mins before you want to wake up. This makes it trickier to calculate the correct alarm time and offers a maximum of 24 minutes pre-warning.
  • Also tried using tasker to intercept the pre-alarm notification and extract the alarm time however it doesn’t seem to trigger reliably.
  • Have not tried (as suggested in the below thread) setting the 5min smart period and using that event.

Related requests
A quick scan of the feature requests shows a few related requests

Hi! I’ve created this request Please add some “Alarm configured” or “Alarm activated” Webhook
If there would be such a WebHook, you would’ve be able to configure some actions in the external scheduler by the time you configure the laram in the app.
I don’t think counting on internet channel stability and IFTTT service queue is a good idea here

Just in case anyone wondering - solved the case using “Next Alarm” sensor from Home Assistant mobile app

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