IFTTT Customizable Webhook Parameters

Currently, the webhook for smart_period is fired statically 45 minutes before the alarm.

This seems a little silly given that the point of a smart period is that it will change - so I figured, ok fair enough - at least Value1 of the parameter contains a unix millisecond timestamp that has the time the alarm will actually start, right? Unfortunately no, it is set to that static 45 minutes before hand as well. I understand that some APIs might require the timestamp of the even, instead of using the time of the request - but there are two unused parameters.

I’m attempting to write a sunrise program (like many others) for my cheap and cheerful TP Link Kasa light and it kind of ruins it if the dynamic smart period is ignored :frowning:.

I’ve seen several feature requests asking for a similar thing - but I think we should be able to set the 3 parameters passed - therefore making it incredibly extensible for many use cases, rather than just mine. Personally, I’d like to see the alarm start time (useful for that 45 minute static “smart period”) and the number of hours slept, but if you could set these from a list (sleep quality, heart rate, etc.) I think it would make a lot of people happy! :slight_smile:

Hi! I’ve created this request Please add some "Alarm configured" or "Alarm activated" Webhook
If there would be such a WebHook, you would’ve be able to fire all those actions using some kind of home automation service.
Please take a look into it and if you think it deserves your vote - I don’t think that I need to continue here)
I had exactly the same goals, when I created the request.