IFTTT 30min before alarm

I would like to link my thermostat with my alarm. So the bathroom is warm when i wake up. I it possible to trigger a IFTTT webhook 30min or so before the alarm fire’s.

I would also like to have such a function.

The 45 minutes as in “smart_period” would be OK.

I have the same problem as AlgemeneBuurman: I would like to trigger some functions a certain time before the alarm (heating on, wake-up light on, coffee machine on). Basically I could solve this with “smart_period”, but I need a fixed wake-up time and therefore cannot use the smart wakeup period. But then the trigger “smart_period” does not work and there is no way to trigger an IFTTT Webhook BEFORE waking up, right?

Therefore: would it be possible to enable a simple trigger “45 minutes before alarm_alert_start” in addition to “45 minutes before smart wakeup period”? I can program delays or timers myself. I just need a trigger that fires a certain time before the regular alarm.
At the moment, the IFTTT connection for triggers before waking up excludes all users who do not use a smart wakeup period. Why? :worried: You can program so many cool things if you can trigger events before waking up…

You can do a workaround by setting the smart period to 5 minutes, which is almost the same like a fixed alarm.
But fair point. You propose 45 minutes before alarm. What use cases could you think of? Is it possible that someone would need for example 1 hour before alarm?

Also, I’m curious how you do delays on IFTTT - I thought this wasn’t possible?

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

OK, yes, setting the smart period to 5 minutes would be at least a useful workaround.

As I said, I need it especially for the heating, a wake-up light and the coffee machine, because I have to trigger these functions before waking up (for everything else alarm_alert_start is enough). My heating needs about 30 minutes of advance, but that depends on the heating and the size of the room. I think 45 minutes should probably be the minimum to make things work that need a little more forerun. But if, for example, someone wants to preheat a slower underfloor heating system, he probably needs more than 45 minutes. In the end, I could work with anything that is long enough before waking up, but still within a normal sleep time.

Regarding delays: I don’t use IFTTT for that. I use a smart home server (ioBroker). IFTTT in this case is only the connection between Sleep as Android and ioBroker to transfer the status “soon the alarm will ring” and “the alarm is ringing” to the smart home server. ioBroker supports Javascript, so I can program anything I want there. That’s what makes this function of Sleep as Android so interesting, because it allows me to control all smart home functions individually according to the wake-up time :slight_smile:

If someone can’t program everything else with something like ioBroker, 45 minutes would maybe be the best compromise. But individual timers could certainly also be realized with Tasker - there is the same problem that the event “Smart period” only works if you also use a smart period. Tasker would probably be even easier for many users, because of course not everyone has a server running ioBroker :wink:

So I think 45 minutes or maybe an hour via IFTTT and Tasker would be OK. Then you can refer everyone who needs less time to Tasker or similar services and don’t need to add a customizable timer to Sleep as Android (that’s understandably not your job).

Anyway, thanks for the great work - I originally bought Sleep as Android for sleep monitoring (surprise!), but meanwhile the smart home control is even the more important application for me.

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Hi! I’ve created this request Please add some "Alarm configured" or "Alarm activated" Webhook
If there would be such a WebHook, you would’ve be able to fire all those actions using some kind of home automation service.
Please take a look into it and if you think it deserves your vote - I don’t think that I need to continue here)
I need to turn on the lights before waking, but it could be done in the same way.

I upvoted because I want to open my smart curtain about 30 minutes before waking up
I tent to wake up naturally from the sunlight, and right now the sun rises far earlier than when I have to wake up

Have same problem here, need to know when alarm will be played to do artificial sunrise + planning on connecting thermostat to it as well.

I use the Home Assistant app for a while now. When setting a alarm it will send i to my Home Assistant server. There a automation will generate a “Time to next alarm” variable. I use that variable to activate automations and scripts on set times.

Let me know if you use home assistant, i can send you my automation