Please add some "Alarm configured" or "Alarm activated" Webhook

Love the app - migrated from Timely Alarm Clock (used it even before Google acquired it), but now I’m building pretty deeply customized home automation.

Right now I’m reeeealy lacking an ability to trigger some home automation components reconfiguration (i.e. creating a script, which gently turns on the lights right before the time frame, when the alarm intended to go off, or simply syncing alarm time with the smart lights own scheduler) right after the alarm was configured and not while it’s going off.

IMO it’s a way more reliable solution then turning on/off any device via synced IFTTT action.
In case of existence of webhooks I’m asking for, there’s a pretty much time to surpass any network or any other communication problems - devices only need to sync their schedules.

There’s also a problem of syncing Google Assistant alarms with the whole setup, but I can live without it. At least for now.

Hope it’s doable and pretty easy to implement for the developers.

I really like the app and appreciate the effort putted into it (one could see the amount of effort and care with his bear eyes ) - thanks!

OK, after some thinking, I realized, that there should be 3 webhooks, like: “alarm_armed”, “alarm_changed” and “alarm_deleted”.

Or maybe implementing only one webhook, like “alarm_configured” which also passes the alarm parameters, like time, days of the week, created/armed/disarmed/changed/deleted and etc - is sill a better idea.

This should satisfy needs of the users, who want to automate their morning routine before the alarm goes off

Just in case anyone wondering - solved the case using “Next Alarm” sensor from Home Assistant mobile app


Any plans to support that, this is really useful!
If this was open-source I’d love to contribute that feature.