How to disable IFTTT for specific alarm


I love Sleep as Android. I recently made a video ( on how I can automate my smart bulbs to turn on when the alarm is dismissed using IFTTT service integration.

However, when I am not home (e.g. on vacation) but still using Sleep’s alarms, dismissing the alarm will communicate to IFTTT to turn on the lights :frowning:

Would it be possible for the team to make service integrations specific for alarms? This will save the hassle to constantly remind me to disable IFTT for all alarms in the settings.


Hi @Johnny_K, big thanks for the video!
Could you please clarify this a little more? Do you mean that one alarm should trigger IFTTT and another should not, right?

What do you think @petr-urbandroid could we maybe add a per-alarm setting for the Tasker/IFTTT services?