Smartwatches and Wearables - Sleep as Android

Hello, Im not well versed in this topic but I found there is a Huawei thing called health kit for developers and it seems to be able to provide access to an API to retrieve health related data from the wearable. :slight_smile: I hope it’s useful… Hopefully because I have a Huawei watch fit TvT I know it won’t be done any time soon but one can always hope that someday v because the Huawei algorithm for calculating sleeping hours is honestly very bad… It thinks I’m sleeping when I’m fully awake but just laying somewhere and reading on a different device… Once it even considered that I was napping at the microscope, guess because it was dark and I barely moved my left hand? Don’t know … Please help retrieve heart rate TvT

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Hello @Jime_M … this would only allows us to get access to ex post aggregated data. We already to this with Google Fit and Samsung Health where we sync data to and from the health services. But I do not think it would make sense to integrate Huawei “Health”…

Integrating a wearable is a different story, in this case we need access to live sensor data in real time to support features such as smart wake up, awake detection or lucid dreaming etc…

For long time there were no APIs for Huawei wearables…

Now there is one API which developers may start using:
But this does not include accelerometer sensor so we cannot do actigraphy

There is another API which may be potentially useful
but at the moment this is not public and no details about what will be possible are known…

So I guess we cannot integrate Huawei at the moment but we are watching this

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So after a very frustrating experience with a Fitbit Sense (HR sensor inaccuracies, step counters going beserk when riding my motorcycle, etc) on top of tons of issues with the Sleep integration (tracking works for a few days then stops in the middle of the night), I decided I needed something reliable. The only good thing was battery life… (~2weeks)

Started using Sleep a few years ago with my phone as a tracker. Upgraded to a MiBand 4. Cheap device, worked surprisingly well! Used Notify and Fitness app (3rd party app). App is a complete mess of menus and config but once you get it right it worked great. Had ~2weeks battery life tracking ~8h of sleep a night + 30min of activity tracking a day. Unfortunately, after 18months, the battery started to degrade significantly and I would get barely 5-6 days. This is when I bought the Fitbit Sense…

Re-reading the thread here, I was hesitant to buy a WearOS device (especially with the current status of Wear OS 3). The MiBand 6 is impossible to get here… I considered the Amazfit line but I find them too bulky…

Then I thought “hey I need a GOOD HR tracker for running / treadmill”. I have an old Polar cheststrap that works great for this but is kind of stuff but the electrodes need to stay wet/humid.

So I went back to Polar - picked up a Verity Sense armband sensor. This thing is AMAZING. SUPER lightweight. Very confortable to wear (you barely feel it). HR is super accurate during running / treadmill. Sleep integration is awesome as well : turn the device on, start sleep tracking. It supports movement and HR with HRV. Battery life is listed as 20h. Since you turn it on / off manually, I can get 2 night of sleep + 2 training session between charge. After that, it’s around 20-30%. On the plus side, the Polar Flow app keeps your screen on (on Android at least) in treadmill mode so you see your HR live so you can tweak your speed in real time.

Only “problem” is that the status LED blinks purple when Sleep is pulling data… and this thing is BRIGHT… you can see it with your eyes closed. A small bit of tape is all that is needed.

Charging is super quick as well with such as small battery.

So if you’re considering a smart watch / fitness tracker for sleep integration and exercise tracking, give the Verity Sense a good look. I was completely dismissing those at first but now that I’m wearing my regular watch, it feels great not having to charge my time keeping device lol (I wear a Citizen Eco-Drive… for those not familiar, they have a solar-charging face so no battery change required)


@petr-urbandroid What wearable has the best integration with the app? Amazing work btw, I’ve been using Sleep since 2015 with miband 2, 3, 4 and currently with mi band 6 :slight_smile: I am considering to get a fitbit though…

Mi Band is good, but it’s a shame that SPO2 isn’t integrated (no fault of the SaA dev though).

@antwan this is a very hard question. if Pebble would be still around that probably Pebble. The wearable market is far from ideal and it is very hard to find devices with have open APIs and good battery life.

Mi Bands and Amazfit are great options - they are cheap have a great battery life, but they can break the BT-sniffed/reverse engineered integration any time with any firmware update.

For me now most promising looks Wear OS 3.0 - personally I use TicWatch 3 Pro with SPO2 sensor and use respiratory analysis every day…


Hello! Can you use recently developed Notify for smartwatches app to support xiaomi mi watch and other watches?

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Will support for the new Samsung watch 4 be added?

Hello, are you planning on supporting iGET FIT smartwatches as well? I’d like to use your app but I’m not able to connect it with my watch.

This would be an awesome feature :slight_smile:

@petr-urbandroid, I saw you use the TicWatch 3 Pro with SPO2 - I’m considering buying one but I’m concerned with battery life. My venerable Pebble 2 is dying, having survived replacement of its buttons and an awful lot of years of use, but it still ekes out 3-5 days on a charge, and TicWatch 3 Pro seems rated to 3 days at most; but it also advertises Essentials mode for running much longer. Will sleep tracking with Sleep still work if the watch is in Essentials mode? If so I’m thinking I’d flip to that at night (don’t want notifications/etc. when I’m asleep anyway!) and then go back to Active during the day, might get me to 5-6 days of runtime on a charge.

If it won’t sleep track in Essentials mode I think it’s a toss-up for me between the TW3 and a Galaxy Watch 4 (quite interested in that BIA sensor, but not as interested as I am in longer runtime between charges!)

Hello @cbarn … I’m also a long time Pebble user and honestly nothing comes even close to the Pebble experience, still I have gone for the TicWatch 3 Pro as the least bad option - expecially because of the always on display - in other words I would not go for any other Wear OS watches… Anyway you with sleep tracking I need to charge the watch every day or every other day… in essential mode the watch won’t be able to run sleep tracking as 3rd party apps won’t work…

I would definitely not recommend GW4 - SPO2 sensor is private - only Samsung can use it and they are really killing even what there was good on Wear OS… recetnly they added a restrition that apps can only run in background if you specifically allow them to in a special hidden menu… you can read about it here:

Probably to hide the fact that the watch so battery hungry by itself… when you are actively using the watch you can see how you are constantly loosing % of battery…

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Thank you @petr-urbandroid, I really appreciate the quick & thoughtful response - TicWatch 3 Pro it is! I’d just stick with the Pebble but the BT radio is failing on it so it’s time to part ways. :frowning_face:

Does the Verity Sense work with Sleep As Android with Bluetooth OFF during usage, and then later connecting it to sync? I would prefer this type of usage as I don’t like Bluetooth and minimize EMF.

No - Sleep As Android requires real-time access to the device to support smart wake up.

Hello there!

I’ve been using your app for a few years now, and I truly love it, add it gives my doctor’s and me insight to my sleep patterns and any associated problems being experienced.

I recently acquired Fitbit’s Charge 5, and it does allow the use of apps with its device& mobile app - a whole slew that goes on for pages and pages.

Does this mean that it’s possible to integrate this device with SaA?

@BeckieSueDalton at the moment we are unable to integrate FitBit Charge 5, sorry about that. In terms of FitBit we can integrate devices which allow apps on them like Sense or Ionic. But honestly the APIs from FitBit are so limited that this whole integration may not work 100% at al circumstances, We need to runa webserver on your phoen to make tis even possible and various battery optimizations on the FitBit devices make it hard to get 100% of the data from the whole night… hope that helps…

Hi there,

I’m wondering if you guys plan on supporting the newly released Xiaomi Watch S1 and S1 Active?

They have sleep tracking features, an SpO2 sensor and more. I know that it might not be possible but this would be great as it’s just launched and seems to be very popular in Asia where I currently am.

Keep up the good work

Hello @Matthew_Landwehr, in general Xioami / Amazfit / Zepp wearables are completely closed. They do not feature any APIs which could 3rd party use to do any integrations. There are heroes like Zdenek Horak of Tools & Mi Band/ Amazfit or Matteo Notify & Fitness who are spending month trying to understand the binary protocols of the those devices + we have a wearable integration API… So we would never be able to integrate those closed proprietary devices, both those bluetooth sniffing geniuses implemented our API and made it possible.

To conclude we are in a situation completely dependent on whether Zdenek or Matteo will be able to crack those new devices or not. At the moment I do not see support for the Xiaomi Watch devices so I expect there are technical issues.

I have been trying in vain to get my fitbit Versa to work with the app.

I downloaded the app on my phone and my watch. I have the wearables set to fitbit, the fitbit app on my phone is connected and connecting with my watch, but no matter what I try the sleep app can’t seem to find it.

Any suggestions?