Samsung Watch 4

with the latest version, the application again consumes a lot more battary ( don’t know why
around 30% in 7.5 hours

I can’t agree. My power consumption has been normal lately (13-15%). But I will also check today.

@debileq18 @s1mptom … many thanks I think I’m finalizing this… I need to find a good balance to get all data and minize battery consumption… I have to increase the update rate of the sensor as from my tests it seems like the same setting as on the other Wear OS watches isn’t sufficient and this means the sensor batch queue which is already short will be even shorter and we will need more frequent wake up times…

Anyway I have tested it tonight and got 20% battery consumption per 7:14 hours of tracking with HR and the data looks exactly as it should.

I will give it maybe 1-2 more over night tests and try to optimize a little bit more toward battery… and I will release a BETA today with the work in progress…

Big thanks for ll the feedback…

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I can’t even find the Sleep As Android app in the playstore on my watch. Am I missing something?

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it wasn’t showing up for me at first either, 12 hours later and i can finally install it on my watch 4

Hello @sonofanut, I think you are right. Google did just removed the Sleep as Android Wear OS app from the Play Store…

This is part of their “rising the quality bar” initiative. The reason in the notice is we are not showing the the time of the next alarm on the tracking screen…

The reason for that is we have shown all the details on the notifications which worked well with previous versions of Wear OS… Now we are migrating all the features step by step to the main app screen to bring also a good Wear OS 3.0 support, but time of alarm was among the very last changes which were in the BETA…

We have released this to the production and hope Google will review it and allow the app soon…

In the mean time anyone having troubles to see the app on the Play Store can sideload the APK from:

Should I use bedtime mode on the watch when turning on tracking for the night? I normally do this so the watch screen won’t wake.

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@sonofanut I heart back from Play Store support and they told me this was a mistake and that the app should be reestablished without any action on my end… do you see it?

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@Colin_Smith I also use it… this should have no effect on sleep tracking and can improve battery life…

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I wish there was a way for bedtime mode to be automatically activated/deactivated when Sleep as Android starts / stops tracking.

Really annoyed by Samsung’s insistence on a “DnD” mode being different. Not Sleep as Android’s fault of course, but it makes the sleep tracking experience much less seamless.


Yeah that really bugged me when I first got my GW3, but once I discovered the quick access to it via the swipe down menu I got a little less bitter.

I’m shocked by the number of silly issues with the GW4 though :-/ … it does all the things the GW3 did I guess, just, so many silly little UI things - the lock required for Pay being applied to the entire watch being the biggest pet peeve for me right now.

Not shocked at all about Samsung blocking that API. They’re right up there with Apple in their dirty practices to try to keep others out of their walled garden.

Also Hi Petr! Long time since we last talked on, good lord, it’s been so long I can’t even remember what it was called! Google’s attempt at social media some years back, lol. I never did get around to testing out that bug you fixed for me, so sorry for my lack of a response! lol.

I’m just looking to have the alarm work on the GW4. I’ll use Samsung Health for sleep tracking. There should not be any additional battery drain from Sleep As Android, right?

I noticed that vibrate doesn’t seem to be working on my galaxy watch 4 for the alarm in the morning. Any advice? I have vibrate from start on.

Hello @Colin_Smith I think you just need to be a little more patient. We use gentle vibrate so, it starts with a super subtle one vibe than waits 30s another vibe 10s… the aim is to wake you as gently as possible - basicaly find the least intrusive vibe level for your wake up…


@dswartze … exactly no additional battery drain and alarm should work on your watch and can be controlled from the watch… just please make sure you are in BETA…

Ah okay. I was trying to do a vibrate only thing on the wearable so I don’t wake my wife. So I had the alarm sound delayed to be 3 minutes after, but noticed I only wake up to that sound.

Not finding the new wearOS Tile for SaA. Can some1 point me in the right direction? Tyvm

First of all I want to thank you for the great app and the continued support!
I´ve read that there are issues when trying to get SpO2 sensor data from the watch but do you think there will be a way to get it working?
I am suffering from a light form of sleep apnea and I would so love to have an alarm when SpO2 drops…
The reason why I bought the GW4 in the first place was that I had hopes of getting this exact feature since it is WearOS :frowning:

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Hello @Franz_Ose can you please double check that you have version 5.0 of the Wear OS app? Are you in the BETA channel?

@freaked big thanks! Unfortunately at the moment we do not know how to do it… when we list all available sensors there are two SPO2 sensors in the list, but whenever we register for data updates the registration fails immediately as if the sensors where not available to 3rd party apps. I have run out of ideas what we could try next…

For instance on the TicWatch 3 Pro we register for the SPO2 update s successfully and ared able to receive an SPO2 update very second though out the night…