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I have been able to get spo2 from the o2ring and hrv from the mio fuse (ble hr tracker) - the ble heart rate setting overrides the o2ring hr sensor. Movement from a wear OS watch or my current amazfit gts 2 mini. Would be great to build up a list of all the different devices and combinations that can be made to work together?

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@Michael interesting, many thanks for sharing this… maybe we could gather some similar experienced on this thread and after a while summarize them in the Wearable documentation?

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Sure thing, however my experience is unfortunately a bit limited.

I have a mio slice, which has very good hrm and that works as a ble hr tracker in SAA but doesn’t provide hrv.

Prior to the gts 2 mini, I used the light phaser for movement and the mio fuse for hr and hrv, which worked well. But as I always wear the o2ring at night, I wanted to link to it for spo2 - unfortunately it doesn’t work with the phaser in SAA, which is where the gts 2 mini comes in.

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Hi Petr, I’ve seen a couple of mentions for Mi Band and was wondering whether you and the Mi Band Tools guys were having any success integrating its SPO2 sensor?

I’ve got a six coming, not just for this but my 3 finally died. Happy to help out if I can. This has been a fabulous app.

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Hi @petr-urbandroid,
I’m interested in adding my sensor data the morning after.

If not already implemented, has your team considered adding support in the SAA wearables API for “batch processing” sensor data, including timestamps?

It could overcome the hurdle of not being able to use the O2Ring’s sensors for SPO2, HR, motion (all three at once) with SAA. The ViHealth app provided for this wearable exports sensor data to CSV file.

If I undertstand correctly SAA wearables API currently requires the sensor data arrive in “real-time” as you sleep.

Related forum thread: Wearable integration API - Sleep as Android
Section " Captured data batch syncs".

Reading sensor data from practically any device/ system that supports saving it to file would be a very powerful capability for SAA, for example, comparing the results from two or more devices that recorded the user on the same night. Allowing only real-time data capture and processing/analysis limits this potential.

An even more natural user experience than having the user (external app) call the SAA API might be to add the option in SAA to import a file formatted the way the API wants to see the data.

@Fufu_508 many tanks for the ides… in fact the API does not require the data to arrive constantly through out the night, but most of the wearable implementations also support all the data beeing sent in the morning in one batch…

But the problem is some of the core features won’t work in this scenario - like for instance smart wake up etc…

So maybe a good approach to this is to let the device sync with a health service like Google Fit and we can than receive the data already aggregated from there?

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Thank you, @petr-urbandroid! Has the API always supported batch arrival of sensor data? I’m running SaA version 20200228 on an Android 5 tablet.
What about the possibility of SaA reading a file for consuming/processing/analyzing the sensor data, instead of receiving it via the SaA wearables API?

I’m interested in learning more about a wearables implementation that uses the batch capabilities. Are you aware of any open ones, say, posted on GithHub?

Thanks to your suggestion @petr-urbandroid, I just came to know that Google fit itself accepts data for upload into the Google fitness store. I’m going to continue reading on topics like this one.


I took a look at this page and I’m curious to learn more: https://docs.sleep.urbandroid.org/services/google_fit.html#what-it-does
“Download 3rd party sleep data from Google Fit into Sleep as Android”

Does this download automatically happen when SaA syncs with Google fit? The documentation at the link above seems to be centered on pushing data to Google fit from SaA.

Hi @petr-urbandroid - quick question/feature request about the O2 alarm. I have a ticwatch pro 3 which integrates really well with SaA, and wakes me on low oxygen events. (Thank you.) However, the alarm is jarring and the vibe goes on way too long. Can you add features to give tune the alarm?

I’m looking for things like:

  • picking my own alarm sound
  • having the alarm sound stop on movement
  • controlling the number of vibes on low oxygen events
  • having the option for the alarm event to be vibe only

Thank you in advance

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Hi @Den, I have tried both the Go2Sleep and O2Ring apps to read the Wellue PC-60FW but none did the trick.

Not sure if the protocol and settings are different for each of these Wellue models but if possible, can the PC-60FW be added as well? In my mobile it shows up as PC-60F_SN841670. (with a dash which is slightly different from what @Aristajos informed.

Thanks a lot!

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Hello @Uberrob, many thanks… I’m adding thsi to our TODO…


I use the Go2Sleep O2 ring with my Galaxy Watch to track O2, HR and movement during sleep. It’s also integrated into Samsung Health.

I originally installed the Sleep On app but found it wildly inaccurate. You don’t need it installed to use the Go2Sleep ring. You can’t do any modifications on the add-on as it simply tells you what data can be collected (movement can not) and let’s you connect to your ring (Mine appears as Go2Sleep 1191 and the MAC address)

I have to wear both the watch and the Go2Sleep as I use the watch for HR and movement, and the ring for O2.

For a long time, I couldn’t get everything to work at the same time until I found a little routine every night that works:

  • I run an “optimize” app that shuts down all unused apps on my phone (I have a Samsung Galaxy S8)
  • While the Go2Sleep is still on its base, I start the add-on.
  • If the Add-On Service is started, I stop it.
  • At the top “Selected Device for Tracking” I “Choose Another” regardless of whether or not mine is already listed there.
  • I select my Go2Sleep ring and then proceed to start the add-on service.
  • I take the ring off the base but DO NOT PUT IT ON YET. If you put it on, it will look for the SleepOn app and won’t connect to SAA.
  • With the ring off the base but not on my finger, I open SAA and Start Sleep Tracking
  • When I see the ring connected (It shows up as Go2Sleep 1191 for me), I put the ring on and I’m ready for the night.

This is the data I had this morning (Samsung Health shows no sleep time or efficiency):

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I have the sleepon app installed and it doesn’t interfere with the go2sleep ring addon working with SAA. I prefer the o2ring as the spo2 readings appear to be more accurate when compared to other o2 devices but both rings work with SAA with their respective apps installed. What is critical is to shut down their native apps by pressing the back button twice to exit.

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Hi all, I purchased the Go2sleep ring but have not been able to get both heart rate and SPO2 recorded in SAA, only SPO2. I have not also been able to get the ring sharing SAA with my Faster 3 wear watch, choosing Automatic seems to prevent me getting either stat captured. My current issue is that even though I have the Go2sleep add-on installed and have tried uninstalling, each time I try to select the add-on in the wearables list, it just redirects me to play store. It seems as SAA is not recognizing that the add-on is actually already installed. Anyone have any ideas? My SAA version is 20210717 (22452)

Will SAA integrate oximeter data from the Mi Band 6? Just bought one and I hear that it now tracks SpO2 data during sleep.

Hi @petr-urbandroid, with all the multiple device testing going on, would it be possible to include connected device information on the active session screen? I have been using a gts 2 mini, o2ring and ble hr wrist band for hrv and I’m finding they aren’t always connecting as they should, with no way to ascertain the issue until morning. I think it could be helpful, at least for testing/beta purposes, to include connected device and the sensor type it provides. The issues have started with more recent updates and trouble shooting is very difficult without such info.

Would this be possible?


Received a Phaser and tried to use it in SAA in duo with my Go2Sleep ring for SpO2 and heart rate. But SAA uses only the Phaser. When I disconnect the Phaser, SAA uses the Go2Sleep.
There’s no way to use booth ?