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Oximeter monitors your oxygen and heart rate levels. You need a compatible device - buy it here.

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Is there a list of compatible BT oximeters like you have for smartwatches? The one offered is kinda bulky and would like more options.


I agree with Jacob. I just bought a Wellue O2Ring oximeter. Its relatively comfortable, but I wish it would integrate with Sleep As Android.

Same here. Frankly, I paid for the app, I’m happy with it and intend to buy an oximeter; but I’m not happy with the option to have “Happy electronics” as only vendor. Won’t buy there.

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Please post a list of compatible oximetrers so I can choose the best one for me.


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So there are only 2 oximeters that work with sleep as Android? Those 2 models are the wrist type which are not very accurate. Many fitness watches have this feature built in but there are a few finger Bluetooth sensors out there that would be more accurate. Not sure of the accuracy but the wellue and viatom Bluetooth sensors are fairly low priced. May want to add support for those?

I don’t recommend buying from them, either. Purchased the oximeter back on May 17th, literally only because of the fact that it’s supposedly supported, but the order hasn’t changed from “payment accepted” status since then, despite a notice on their webpage that their business is running “almost undisturbed” by COVID-19.

No response to multiple emails or phone calls. Sincerely disappointed that the Urbandroid team is supporting what is apparently a fly-by-night shell company in the Czech Republic. Going to have to file a dispute with my credit card company at this point, with no other way to resolve a totally unfulfilled purchase.

Really unfortunate. Pat yourself on the back- you really dodged a bullet in refusing to deal with them.


Hey, sorry to hear that.
Thank you for confirming my bad impressions anyway, I was really deterred by the website’s look, but I thought it might just be me being too paranoid.

But the important part is you’re gonna get your money back, one way or another :slight_smile:

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Guys, I am working on Go2Sleep blood oxygen ring integration.
Right now HR & SpO2 works fine, vibration feature is going to be released by the end of the week and I’m communicating with @petr-urbandroid to support Go2Sleep addon in next SleepAsAndroid beta release.
Ping me if you want to be a tester.


Hi Den, i have see Go2Sleep in Facebook yesterday! I want to be a tester.
Gruß frAnk

Go2Sleep add-on is released in Google Play, check latest SleepAsAndroid beta release.

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What’s process to be a tester for your ring?

Just buy Go2Sleep ring, install Go2Sleep add-on and try it.

Has anyone compared the two products o2ring and go2sleep? I’m trialing the o2ring and I’m impressed by the data granularity. Does go2sleep record every 4s like the o2ring? Integrating it into SAA would be amazing but maybe go2sleep is a better product?

I do not know what is the frequency of o2ring measurements.
But Go2Sleep record data every 1 second.

That’s very interesting. O2ring measures every 1sec and records every 4sec. Go2Sleep sounds like it may be more granular. I’m trying to find reviews on go2sleep but have only found negative comments about poor connectivity. How do you find it?

I had same issues with poor connectivity when I just received the Go2Sleep ring.
But after firmware upgrading everything is fine.

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How do you find the tracking of your SPO2 and HR data? I have tried fingertip based units (with a wrist based watch type unit) and they sometimes lose tracking when you move too much during the night. The fingertip versions place a light on one side of the finger and a sensor on the other side. This go2sleep seems to have both light and sensor on the same side, much like most watch HR sensors? I wonder if there’s a difference in performance during movements between the two types? Do you find it is relatively consistent throughout the night? I’m considering placing an order but worried about this performance issue. The o2ring that I’m using seems to be very consistent as the sensor never moves even if your fingers move at night.

Go2Sleep has special movement detection for what you described. If you move too much ring can detect it as you put off the ring from the finger. The trigger level of this “put off detection” can be controlled by user and called “sensitivity”. In the other hand you can even disable it by setting “sensitivity” to 0.

I have not tried o2ring, can’t say smth about it.
But I can compare Garmin Fenix 6 and Go2Sleep to tracking sleep.
Go2Sleep much better, because Garmin measure SpO2 whenever it wants (can do and don’t) and you can not control it as a user.

Does go2sleep record to its own storage when connected to your sleep as android add-on? So can you analyse the go2sleep data (via its own app) independently to SAA’s results?