Huge discrepancy

I am impressed you managed to get a reply from Samsung support :slight_smile:

Anyways, what exactly do they wish us to fix?
Do you have troubles syncing HR data to Sleep or from Sleep?
I am afraid I might have confused you before. We do not sync HR data to S Health, we only sync data from S Health. The app does not even ask for the HR writing permission (only reading).
There was some issue with duplicities, so the HR data is only a one-way flow.

Darn it you made me waste 6 months arguing with them to fix the darn he data issue that I was just getting sleep and Spo2 data :person_facepalming::rage:

Sleep sends only Sleep and Sleep phases (not SpO2 nor HR) into S Health.
Sleep can read Sleep, Sleep phases, HR, and Step count and Exercise (for #sport tag) from S Health.

S Health can read SpO2 or HR directly from most wearables. Or Health Connect can be used as a hub for all fitness and health data to sync them across various platforms.
Google Fit can too, but Google will shut this service at the end of the year