TicWatch3 can only track one of HRV or SpO2

Detailed description of the problem:
Only one of HRV or SpO2 seems to come through from the Ticwatch Pro 3 event though both are supported. The fact that they seem to be mutually exclusive is best illustrated by this sleep graph where one stops and the other starts.

Peter is also aware of this problem and commented on it here [DONE] SP02 and Ticwatch 3 Pro

Steps to reproduce:

Track sleep using Ticwatch Pro 3, which supports both hear rate with HRV, and oximeter. Only one or the other will populate with data.

Version of Sleep as Android:
20210423 (22358) Premium

Hello Ben, I’m also on TicWatch Pro 3 and can confirm the issue. It seems TicWatch implemented the SPO2 and SDNN sensors mutually exclusive. I do not know why , but this is how it works on my TicWatch device… What we do now is if you enable the Oximeter option in Settings > Wearables we register for SDNN and SPO2, if you diable it we register for SDNN only.

On my watch registering both SDNN and SPO2 deterministically leads to just SPO2 data all night… the reason we register both is there si a good chance that this will work well on other Wear OS watches and we could get both data on other devices…

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BTW I see the rating star view is somehow off… do you see this on every graph detail screen?

Ah OK thanks that is good to confirm, I wondered if it was something like that.

Yes, as of a few weeks ago the stars have looked like that.

One other bug I haven’t got around to filing it that I need to scan the QR code twice every time to disable an alarm