Supported wearables - list - Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android supports a wide variety of smartwatches. Take a look at the list:

Legend for sensors

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If I understand the Legend for sensors correctly, using Sleep as Android with Fitbit or Wear OS will get HRV data? But as far I tried with versa 2 and GW4c, no HRV data recorded.

Only Polar OH1 recorded HRV with Sleep as Android.

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Hello, Galaxy Watch 4 is not running Wear OS, but ONE UI Watch operating system, which is not providing HRV data for 3rd party apps.
Versa 2, on the other hand should read HRV. Do you still have that wearable? Could you please send us your logs?

Thanks for your reply.

Maybe the Versa 2 has some sync issue, I will try it again a little bit later.
I will first try another Wear OS watch I have.

Wear OS devices have one limitation - they will either read HR+HRV, or SpO2. If you plan to test the HRV, make sure to disable SpO2 data gathering.

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Thanks for the explanation.
I tested Wear OS again with Polar M600 and no HRV recorded.
I am not sure whether it is because M600 doesn’t support HRV or the SpO2 option is not disabled (M600 doesn’t has SpO2 sensor anyhow).
The Versa 2 also didn’t show HRV data during the 2nd try. I am not sure how I can submit the log.

Hi, to send the logs, open the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report bug, and send us the email (the address is already filled in.

When Huawei smartwatch will be supported?

How about the more recent Fitbit Versa4 and Sense2? Are those still in the making fit working with SAA - or has something changed and there’s no point in waiting for those to become compatible?

Is the New amazfit gts4 compatible ?

Hi, from the Play Store description for Tools app, this new band should be supported by them for Sleep integration. But only with the Zepp app.

Can you create a page with feature filters? I want Pixel Watch, but want O2 sensor. It only took a quick email exchange to find out the hardware is there but not currently working. Rather than emailing you over and over again, a page I can monitor for changes with the Web Alert app saves hassle for both parties.

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Hello, is the “Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro” supported?
If not, are there plans to support it in the future? (any ETA?)
Thank you!

Can someone please tell me: ist there another place where I can ask if the "Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro” is supported?
(sometimes also called "Mi Smart Band 7 Pro”)

Maybe an email address?
Or another forum?

Thank you very much!

Hi, Mi Smart Bands are not supported (hence not listed). XiaoMi uses a proprietary OS with closed protocol, so no option for integrations.
MiBands are supported only thanks to the companion apps, which hacked the protocol with BT sniffing. If these apps will be able to hack Mi Smart bands, or if XiaoMi shares a public-facing API, we can integrate them and add them to the list. Sadly, this is not in our hands.

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Will the “fitbit charge 5” be supported?

Ditto. And one of the features that needs to be called out is whether SAA can automatically start tracking vs you having to manually open the companion app on the watch (such as the case with Fitbit, which I didn’t know until I’d bought a Versa 3).

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My question has been asked on December but has not been replied.
Why do huawei watches are not supported? When will they be supported?

Hi, only wearables with open API for direct access to sensors can be integrated.
Some HuaWei watches use Wear OS with open API (those are already integrated). Some HuaWei wearables use a proprietary OS without the API - those cannot be integrated unless HuaWei shares the API.

To answer other replies regarding FitBit - the new models of FitBit wearables are also closed with no API. FitBit used to have open API for at least some models, but they no longer support integrations on new models.