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Sleep as Android supports a wide variety of smartwatches. Take a look at the list:

Legend for sensors

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If I understand the Legend for sensors correctly, using Sleep as Android with Fitbit or Wear OS will get HRV data? But as far I tried with versa 2 and GW4c, no HRV data recorded.

Only Polar OH1 recorded HRV with Sleep as Android.

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Hello, Galaxy Watch 4 is not running Wear OS, but ONE UI Watch operating system, which is not providing HRV data for 3rd party apps.
Versa 2, on the other hand should read HRV. Do you still have that wearable? Could you please send us your logs?

Thanks for your reply.

Maybe the Versa 2 has some sync issue, I will try it again a little bit later.
I will first try another Wear OS watch I have.

Wear OS devices have one limitation - they will either read HR+HRV, or SpO2. If you plan to test the HRV, make sure to disable SpO2 data gathering.

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Thanks for the explanation.
I tested Wear OS again with Polar M600 and no HRV recorded.
I am not sure whether it is because M600 doesn’t support HRV or the SpO2 option is not disabled (M600 doesn’t has SpO2 sensor anyhow).
The Versa 2 also didn’t show HRV data during the 2nd try. I am not sure how I can submit the log.

Hi, to send the logs, open the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report bug, and send us the email (the address is already filled in.