Support for Fitbit Versa / Ionic Integration

I don’t know to be honest, I’ve been wearing the Ionic for sime time and I like it, but Versa from the looks seems more comfortable, as it is smaller and looks more like the Pebble Steel.
I don’t know about the hardware but I’d assume the differences to be rather minor.

I have the Versa. The form factor is extrem cool. I like it very mutch. The problem with that watch is not the hardware. That is very up to date. My problem with this is the company :slight_smile: for example, they have a SpO2 sensor in the watch and they are not able to use is for over 1 year now!!! In the forum so many users have new ideas but nobody from fitbit is reading this and nobody cares about this. There are mods in the forum but the only thing they do is to say… We have no info.
And this is the problem with fitbit. They don’t care about the community and they are not able to implement new thinks that really matters.


Excellent! Can’t wait to test this out. Thanks for the hard work.

Any update? :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

the beta version of the watch app is available at

You also need the latest beta of Sleep as Android, and select Settings > Wearables > Fitbit.
This will start a service (you will see a notification) that needs to be running for the Fitbit to be able to connect to Sleep as Android, and to send data during sleep tracking.

Please direct any further question and report any experience at this thread: Fitbit Ionic/Versa beta integration

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Hey any chance you can add heart rate data to improve accuracy? It seems that right now only the accelerometer data is used. Wondering cause I know that the fitbit tracking for the most part is spot on and was hoping for improved accuracy

Hi there,

This is incredibly exciting news! I have been considering buying a Fitbit for months, but lack of smart alarm was putting me off. I don’t really need all the versa features, but if it has a smartalarm I guess that would make it worth it! am I right in saying this app allows you to have an alarm that wakes you during the optimal point in your sleep cycle?

I have a fitbit versa. The sleep data its collecting seems pretty accurate. Is there a way to import the sleep data fitbit has already collected into sleep as android so I can use SaA’s advice?

Wondering why this doesn’t work with the Fitbit Charge 3, since it’s basically the Ionic without a built-in GPS. As far as I can tell, it should therefor support all of the same API calls.

Hi! I’ve been searching and finding this thread for 9 months when I started using SaA. I’ve been a Fitbit user for well over a decade and won’t be giving it up as my employer uses is as part of our health insurance/incentive plan. I currently have a Charge 2 and it’s running great… But I want to have a more effective smartalarm tied into my HR. SO… I can either get a Mi Band 3 to wear at night in addition to my Fitbit, OR… Get a Versa, but the Versa is still listed as “COMING SOON” on the supported devices page. So… Will the Versa do both motion and HR with SaA?

Guys, you can vote for the integration.
Maby the developer will request a partnership as they did with many sport Apps.
Sleep as Android is very interested in it.äge/Sleep-as-Android-unterstützen/idi-p/1864199

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