Snoring recorded in Samsung Health but not Sleep as Android

I have GW4. Lately I have noticed SH has recorded snoring where this app has not. Could this be a bug? Or maybe my head is turned away from where my phone is located?

If the watch is better than my phone for detecting snoring (due to location, position, or some other factor) can its data be used in the app, or maybe bring it into the app as an independent record and the info can be viewed side by side to determine if one source is better data?

Hello John, we are quite proud of our snoring detection as this is more than 5 years long work, and at the moment we have the 4rd generation of our classifier based on convolutional neural networks.

BTW Google made a video about our effort here:

Anyway it is not clear which is correct and those may well be false positives as Samsung is quite new to this…

So ideally can you check if you have any sound recordings from the time in Sleep as Android so that you can listen back and check for snoring which would not be tagged #snore in Sleep as Android? If you find such records would you mind sharing them with us?

Also please note that you can adjust sensitivity of our snoring detection in Settings > Noise recording > Sound classification… so you can try if setting it to high sensitivity will bring any changes

Also please note that Samsung does use the microphone on the phone for snoring detection so this should be same for Sleep as Android as well as for Samsung Health…

Wow, thanks for such a quick response. I would be happy to share both the app data and SH data for review. Let me figure out how to do this or if you already have it in a FAQ somewhere shoot me the link. I listened to the snoring in SH, and it is definitely not a false positive. Could SH using the microphone block the app from using it? Or can multiple apps have access?

@John_Simon to my knowledge the use of mic on Android is exclusive to one app… but in this case we woudl not be able to initialize recording at all and we would show an warning on the tracking screen…

I can check what is happening if you would use menu > report a bug and send us the bug report…

I trying to enable snoring detection on my test Galaxy Watch 4 but under Blood oxygenation there isn’t the snoring option so I’m wondering whether this is only available is some countries… or did you need to do something special in Samsung Health on phone to make this working?

Found it… I will try it out…

If SH blocks the microphone usage, I will just turn it off. It looks like your app recorded when I first turned on sleep recording and shortly before I woke up. Maybe SH hijacked the mic. I will send the bug report right now.

@John_Simon I tested this today and I have the following results:

Sleep as Android detected 15 minutes of snoring where Sleep Cycle zero…

I even had a long and intensive snoring episode which was ignored by Samsung Health

I think I have it setup properly… it is set to always and record audio in Samsung Health

But as you say the apps may be competing for the mic, I will check the log you sent today… many thanks for it

Thanks for the update. I turns off the feature in SH and SaA seems to have captured a normal night of sounds. Looking at the sounds from yesterday, SaS captured sounds at the beginning when I started sleep tracking and at the and just before I stopped tracking. Since SH does automated tracking, I believe it always starts after I have started SaA and probably stops earlier because I usually forget to stop SaA manually. This is why I though SH might be hijacking the microphone.

I would probably not use SH at all if the spO2 data could be captured. I can’t think of what it has otherwise. Your app is incredible in the number of featured and the number of ways you can view the data. I know the spO2 issue is out of your control until Samsung does something with their API. I will keep checking in on the forums. It seems that this status might be buried in a pretty long thread. Would this be easier to check some other way? Do you have a simple list of known bugs/issues on a wiki or some other format? Thanks again, love the app! I can’t imagine the amount of work keeping the quality so high for so many different phones, smart devices, services, and all their APIs.

@John_Simon big thanks for the encouraging feedback, we do very much appreciate it…

Also big sorry for not getting back on this earlier - I went on vacation and now I;m back. I looked at the report you send and there is one initialization of sleep tracking on 13th Oct… which was successful and we have been able to record sounds we also did classify sounds through out the night, but only stored some sounds in the beginning and at the end as the algorithm did not find the other sounds interesting in between

I was trying to test the snoring detection from Samsung but for some reason I was never able to record anything maybe because it interrfered with SaA the other way around? Not sure…

i will keep experimenting with it…

Hi Petr!

Do you plan replying to this another question about better snoring detection?
I still have the exact same issues that lohengrin17 wrote here in March 2018!
I also sent many snoring recordings that were not identified as snoring by SAA for better detection this January. Did you do something about it?
To this day, these questions were not answered by the SAA team in this other topic:

Could you help me with an answer?