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Philips HUE, IKEA Trådfri

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i used to be able to start sleep tracking and then it would automatically turn on pee light for a few seconds and then turn all lights off, but somehow i can’t work out how i did that, or something has changed.

I would love a tutorial on how to connect up a diy light wake up with a RGBW LED strip, and an ESP8266. It seems possible, but difficult to begin with.

Hey @Samuel_Williams, check this out:

You’re going to need Tasker to be able to translate Sleep as Android actions to HTTP calls.

I use an alarm for bedtime and would like to turn off the smart light on a per-alarm basis rather than having it automatically configured for every alarm.

Can I connect the smartlight to a new Philips Hue bulb with built-in Bluetooth without the bridge?


Will there be Integration with other smart lights like the Yeelight and Lifx later on?

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Does Sleep as Android work with eg. TP-Link smart bulbs or only Philips HUE and IKEA Trådfri?


Hello, I did not test this, but I guess it would only work if TP-link would be able to emulate Philips HUE…

Are you planning to add the TP-Link too?


Any news on this? Should I just buy a Philips HUE and IKEA Trådfri smart light? I’d just like to emulate the “sunrise” in my bedroom. Not a morning person, the smart wakeup helps, but hope this would be even better. Any suggestions for a beginner? I have many IoT devices, most automation is through Kasa/TP-Link, but not smart light yet.


Commenting on the little guide how to set up the wake up light with smart lights.
My question is if I delay the actual alarm as described above, I would have to set all my alarms earlier in the main settings, correct?
If so, I don’t think this is very user-friendly. What would work better in MHO, would be separate setting for how much before the the wake-up light would trigger :slight_smile:

@Stefan89 many tanks for your feedback. The idea is the alarm time is the time when we start trying to wake you up. In my own experience the light is already enough to wake you up and the sound is basically just a backup… so this would mean you would be woken up before your alarm time?

Hello, i thought i might also give my feedback.

Just as Stefan i thought that the smart light would start gradually getting brighter like 5 or 10 minutes before the alarm.
I couldn’t figure out how to set it up (my TRADFRI light is correctly connected) but now i see it just is not a function :slight_smile:
It would be very valuable to me if it was a function though.
Being able to make the light gradually increase a few minutes before the actual alarm starts.

Definitely another vote for LIFX here for this feature please.

Is it possible to turn the light on on a specific alarm only? I have a different alarms - one for week days and the other for weekend and it does make sense for me turn the smartlight for a weekend alarm only. I’ve found global settings only.

+1 on being able to have the config on a per alarm basis.

Unless I’ve misunderstood, I believe the above is possible by following the instructions below (cut from the documentation).

Sunrise alarm with delayed sound - start of the alarm sound is set for 3 minutes = the light level will start increasing from alarm time, till the start
of the sound. So after 3 minutes, the smart lights will be at the highest brightness. Duration of gentle volume increase does not play any role.

I hope it helps. :blush:

Please integrate with the light controls I already use through Google Home

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would love to see google home intergateted, as you could use almost any smart home devices this way