Sleep Phaser v2 - Sleep as Android

Sleep Phaser is the ultimate sleep tracking device which allows you to use the potential of Sleep as Android to the max.

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Hi! Can the Sleep Phaser be used together with the Stress Locator oximeter? Thanks!

Hello Edward, Yes you can use both, you configure sleep phaser in the SmartLight section and then the Oximeter under Wearables and it should work well…

Okay, great! Thanks!

Hi Petr. I love your app. Thank you so much.

I would like to know if it is possible to purchase the Sleep Phaser module, to be integrated into other devices?

Hello @TONA_S_PEREDO, you mean the HW board with the firmware of the Sleep Phaser? Would you please contact about this?

Hi Peter, can the sleep phaser be used together with smart watch? I cannot see my heart rate data in the graph

Hello Austin, which device is your movement sensor - the wearable or the Phaser?
The HR from the wearable and smart light features from Phaser can be combined, but the setup will be slightly different.


In that case:
Sleep tracking
Settings > Services > Smart light > Sleep phaser section > Sleep tracking
Settings > Sleep tracking > Wearables > Wearable > NONE

smart light for Phaser
Settings > Services > Smart light > Enabled (at the top)
Settings > Services > Smart light > Sleep phaser section > Smart light

Settings > Sleep tracking > Wearables > Heart rate monitoring > DISABLED
Settings > Sleep tracking > Wearables > Smart Bluetooth > ENABLED

alternatively, you can let other service monitor HR, and let the data sync via Google Fit, S Health, or Health Connect