Sleep Phaser as add-on in "use wearables" section to make it work with wearables

Currently Sleep Phaser cannot be used with any other wearable in the “use wearable” tracking section (wear OS, mi bands, amazfits, o2ring, go2sleep ring, etc…). When Light phaser is set to track sleep, it overrides those wearables even when they don’t provide actigraphy. I understand this is because Light Phaser has a special process tied into the app as does the accelerometer. However, multiple wearables can coexist when the “use wearables” tracking is set to automatic.

If the light phaser movement tracking was treated like an add on in the “use wearables” section, perhaps it could function with other wearables when “use wearable” tracking is set to automatic? Just like @Den has developed a great add-on that intercepts o2ring/go2sleep ble hr/spo2 data, could a similar strategy work with the light phaser for movement? I imagine it would be very popular.

Yeah, I’m for this as a feature too. I got the sleep phaser and ticwatch pro 3 and would love the data of both devices be recorded at the same time automatically.

At the moment, I can force it by manually starting sleep tracking on my watch while the sleep phaser is in use, but I have to manually stop the watch once I wake up, else my battery’s drained. Even then, the workaround works intermittently.

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I just barely bought the sleep phaser v3 and it’s great, but I may not have bought it, had I known ahead of time that I couldn’t also use my go2sleep ring to have my SpO2 readings and heart rate overlayed on my sleep session.