Release notes for BETA

News for BETA updates

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  • Improved lullaby volume adjusting with Sonar
  • Fixes in Swedish translation errors
  • Remembering the last open tab in the Tabbed home screen mode
  • More smaller bug fixes
  • Fix for predefined alarms ringtone - not being application settings
  • Fix for permission names in Cezch
  • Fine tuning apnea alarm thresholds
  • Fix for mute ringtone when using lucid dreaming


  • Fix for Sonar not reverting volume if sleep tracking is hard killed by the system and restarted
  • Fix for inconsistent “skip next” text in alarm list


  • Fix for Settings > Alarm > Disable screen orientation changes settings
  • Improved look of alarm screen in landscape on phones
  • Improve CAPTCHA cheating protection though Accessibility Service
  • New walk-through tutorial for Captcha cheatim permissions - If you want to prevent any cheating of Captcha please enable Settings > Accessibility service >Sleep as Android