Please galaxy watch3 support

Detailed description of the problem:

help me
not recorded my graph and I don’t know they connected

Steps to reproduce:
I installed all apps (sleep as android, native gear companion, sleep(on watch app))
but my watch is dosen’t work on the sensor test
what happen…

Version of Sleep as Android:


I’m having the same problem with a Gear S3. It was working fine until around August 27. Now is not working well. The graph is almost flat as if the watch was not connected, but the wired thing is that the heart rate is reported correctly.


I’m using Sleep as Android 20200806(22155) Premium
And my Gear S3 has Tizen

Hello guys, can you please send us a menu > wearable bug report? @jiri-urbandroid

So you have the latest version of the app on watch and the latest Gear Add-on on the phone, right?

I guess HR is synced directly with Samsung Health

Gear Add-on for sleep as Android version is 1.18
Gear S3 app version is 1.0.18.
No updates available.

I’m trying to send the wearable report, but after adding a message and clicking “Send Report” I get a black screen and the app freezes

After removing and reinstalling all 3 apps, the tracking is working again :smiley:.
Maybe this was a configuration problem? I don’t remember changing anything, one night it was working and the next one the graph was flat.
When starting the tracking the watch was connected to the app, it even vibrate to indicate the start of the tracking, so I don’t think this was the problem.

Will report back if it happens again.

Btw, thank you for the amazing app!

YES!!! I love what is happening. They can’t get unsolicited reading.


I am having same issue with my Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm). I tried based on Juanj reply to uninstall everything and install it back - but still same issue. Sleep tracking has hearth rate but not any sleep phases - just some spikes - same as on first picture.

Geer addon for sleep - 1.18
Sleep as Android app - version 20200828
Sleep as Android Unlock - version 20190807
Gear S3 app - 1.0.18

No update available.

I also tried to upload the bug report - but as Juanj said - when I filled in short description and followed up the application went into full white screen and crash.


I have exactly same issue. I will try to reinstall apps…hope it will work.
Did you find any other solution that worked for you?

no I didnt. I tried to reinstall all aps but its the same - its showing some green bars and HR but not the full graph.

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Reinstallation did not help…

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Just got my new galaxy watch 3 and am having the same issue. Is the watch 3 even supported as of yet? It’s not listed in the supported device list. I have been using my galaxy watch active 2 for 2 years without any problem whatsoever.

I ran some Tests to investigate Further and noticed some patterns:
• Initiation either via Phone or directIy over the companion app on the watch works fine (vibration)
• Motion tracking seems to be working as long as watch display is on. As soon as the watch display turns off, no more motion data is being registered on SaA. Reactivating watch display reinitiates motion data reception on the phone.
• Tested this on the latest prod & beta releases with same result.

• Reinstalling all apps on phone & watch did not resolve the issue.
• neither did deactivating all battery optimization.
• switched back to my galaxy watch active 2 for last night and everything is working as expected.

I’d be happy to provide a bug report & data over the app, however I’m not exactly sure on how to do that as the report function in the app is not sending it anywhere.


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+1. I get the same gaps in the graph. When i test the sensor in the settings menu, I can also observe that it only updates when the screen of the watch is on.

Bump - any follow up here? Tried it again last night, with the new companion app and still no improvement. I get continuous heart rate, but just a few spikes (as in first picture) for movement. Still the same issue that it doesn’t track motion unless the screen is on…

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Please update for galaxy watch 3 support. Thank you. Super nice app!

Hello, sorry for the delay… are you still having issues with the Galaxy Watch support. At the moment we have reports that this is working well for others…

Yes, Petr. A very long time the app gives me flatlines after all nights of sleep. Yesterday I did a reset of my watch just to be sure. Today, different day still flatlines and no change to deepsleep or whatsoever. It’s either a High flat and lots of low flats to be more precise.

I still have my 30 dollar Xiaomi “watch” that works better than my more expansive Samsung Watch 3. What I find weird is that I need to choose the “Old” wear application within your app to doenload. I’ve got the newest watch still I need to use the Gear install. I don’t know if it has to do with the watch or with SaA but it cost me lots of money to get less functionality. The important apps work much better on 30 dollar Chinese crap but on expansive Korean crap nothing seems to work. Really hope that the new Watch 4 brings better compatibility because of WearOS. This Tizen crap always let me down. My TV, this watch, all very disappointing. Sorry for my poor choice of words but that’s what you get after looking into solutions that can’t be found. Really hope you could look into this any further.

The heartrate monitor, sleepfunctionality and fall alerting was why I bought the Watch 3. I must say that the heartrate is being picked up by your app as stated earlier. Sleep is not being recorded properly. When I do a sensor check it takes ages to get it working. I see steep curves after moving but these aren’t translated during a sleep analysis.

Thank you for looking into this. It seems to be a hard nut to crack. One last thing. After moving to a new Android version on my S20U some apps had trouble with the new security layer. Maybe that the security layer is screwing with the analysis. I really don’t know, I wish I knew.

Hello @mkoornstra, many thanks for the update… with Mi “watch” you mean Mi Band or similar? In fact the new Mi Watch is not yet supported with Sleep as Android…

As a developer I must agree that Tizen is very difficult to develop for very badly supported by Samsung and personally because of that my own choices are Android TV and Wear OS over Tizen, even Samsung does a good hardware… Also I think using Wear OS for their next watch is the best decision they could do IMHO…

What is interesting is that everything works for you on the Xiaomi device but not on Galaxy Watch - this mean that any battery optimizations on the phone are probably not involved… Still you could double check… and make sure that also the Gear Add-on app installed on your phone is also whitelisted from battery optimizations and not on the Samsung’s sleeping apps list…this would explain why other devices work…

If you want us to investigate this further would you try let say one hour of tracking with your Galaxy Watch and if you finish it and see red bars, can you please send a bug report from Sleep as Android and a wearable bug report from the same menu?

Hi Petr,

I had already put the app in all possible exclusion lists but hear hear. I’ve disabled Heartrate monitor and now I finaly have more stats. There are some flatlined areas but as you can see there’s a big difference in all of my moments of enabled sleepanalysis.I had a screenshot here earlier but I wasn’t awake enough to realize I hadn’t enabled the analysis. Sorry about that.

So heartrate monitoring seems to be interfering with the normal monitoring. The reason I switched of HRM, some days ago, was because my watch was draining batterylife with hyperspeedsuperpower. I will enable it again and we will see what happens tomorrow. I will give you my results :slight_smile:

Hi Petr,
I have sent you guys an extensive bug report already a couple of months ago, showing precisely this issue. However, after a short mail response I never heard back.