Please galaxy watch3 support

Detailed description of the problem:

help me
not recorded my graph and I don’t know they connected

Steps to reproduce:
I installed all apps (sleep as android, native gear companion, sleep(on watch app))
but my watch is dosen’t work on the sensor test
what happen…

Version of Sleep as Android:

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I’m having the same problem with a Gear S3. It was working fine until around August 27. Now is not working well. The graph is almost flat as if the watch was not connected, but the wired thing is that the heart rate is reported correctly.


I’m using Sleep as Android 20200806(22155) Premium
And my Gear S3 has Tizen

Hello guys, can you please send us a menu > wearable bug report? @jiri-urbandroid

So you have the latest version of the app on watch and the latest Gear Add-on on the phone, right?

I guess HR is synced directly with Samsung Health

Gear Add-on for sleep as Android version is 1.18
Gear S3 app version is 1.0.18.
No updates available.

I’m trying to send the wearable report, but after adding a message and clicking “Send Report” I get a black screen and the app freezes

After removing and reinstalling all 3 apps, the tracking is working again :smiley:.
Maybe this was a configuration problem? I don’t remember changing anything, one night it was working and the next one the graph was flat.
When starting the tracking the watch was connected to the app, it even vibrate to indicate the start of the tracking, so I don’t think this was the problem.

Will report back if it happens again.

Btw, thank you for the amazing app!

YES!!! I love what is happening. They can’t get unsolicited reading.


I am having same issue with my Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm). I tried based on Juanj reply to uninstall everything and install it back - but still same issue. Sleep tracking has hearth rate but not any sleep phases - just some spikes - same as on first picture.

Geer addon for sleep - 1.18
Sleep as Android app - version 20200828
Sleep as Android Unlock - version 20190807
Gear S3 app - 1.0.18

No update available.

I also tried to upload the bug report - but as Juanj said - when I filled in short description and followed up the application went into full white screen and crash.