No sleep data at the end of tracking

Detailed description of the problem:
No sleep data recording at the end of the sleep tracking. Permissions are set and battery optimazion is off. Motion sensor active on phone and most activity came from wearable. Devices: Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

Steps to reproduce:
Every night, 30 min up to 1 hour before alarm.

Version of Sleep as Android:
20210902, but also on previous stable versions.

Hello, I’m also testing intensively with GW4 now see Samsung Watch 4 … but I do not see such issues, so it seems this is device specific. Can you please use menu > report a bug so that we can investigate?

Thanks for your reply. Have already sent a bug report.

Exactly the same Problem here on a very similar setup:
Samsung S20 plus and Galaxy Watch 4 (non classic)
I’ve also sent a Bug report

Same issue here. Pixel 4a and GW4.

@PatrickFischer @Jared_Whitmer many thanks, I will have a look at this…

Same issue S21