No sleep data at the end of tracking

Detailed description of the problem:
No sleep data recording at the end of the sleep tracking. Permissions are set and battery optimazion is off. Motion sensor active on phone and most activity came from wearable. Devices: Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

Steps to reproduce:
Every night, 30 min up to 1 hour before alarm.

Version of Sleep as Android:
20210902, but also on previous stable versions.

Hello, I’m also testing intensively with GW4 now see Samsung Watch 4 … but I do not see such issues, so it seems this is device specific. Can you please use menu > report a bug so that we can investigate?

Thanks for your reply. Have already sent a bug report.

Exactly the same Problem here on a very similar setup:
Samsung S20 plus and Galaxy Watch 4 (non classic)
I’ve also sent a Bug report

Same issue here. Pixel 4a and GW4.

@PatrickFischer @Jared_Whitmer many thanks, I will have a look at this…

Same issue S21

Sadly I have the same problem with my Galaxy S23 together with my Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

What’s interesting in my opinion is that no matter how long the tracking is running, after round about 18 minutes whit out receiving data the alarm starts ringing. Most of the time this is a view minutes after the beginning of the period where the smart alarm should set off but still pretty much at the beginning of it.

Hello Axel, we have this reported solely from Galaxy Watch series (no other Wear OS device has the same issue). We think it might be related to some system restrictions - could you please check, if Sleep, Wear app, and Bluetooth app are all excluded from them?

If you start the tracking during the day for a test, and let it run for 30 minutes - do you see this gap near the end as well?

I have the same problem, I sent a report yesterday. I’ve followed the instructions on dontkillmyapp and I can tell from reading the log with timestamps that it’s not apparently related to sending/receiving the batch from the watch, or anything about disconnection, because batches are getting received INSIDE the red interval on the graph, yet they just appear as red on the graph for some reason. I tried 7/8/9 hour sleep and it’s almost consistently (eventually ±2 mins) the latest 20 minutes of the graph that is red, while on a 30 minutes nap it’s the latest 3 minutes. It’s been a week and it has happened 100% of the time.

I am not sure if it is only a bug on visualizing the graph, because sometimes the alarm rings (almost) correctly inside the smart window.

Samsung S22 Ultra on Android 14 with Galaxy Watch 4