New tags no longer saved in list

New tags are no longer being saved in the “used tags” list.
This used to work fine and 3 tags previously created are available.
It would be very useful if the used tags list was editable so we could customise and personalise tags.

I’m using the paid version 20180622 on a Huawei P9

Thanks a lot! We’re look into it as that’s definitely a bug.

Hello @christo, we’ve investigated that and couldn’t reproduce it anymore. I have previously reproduced it but it was on a really short sleep record which we don’t use for building up the tags history - a testing error on my part.
Could you please check it again? Sometimes the newly created tags don’t go in the front of the created tags and you have to scroll a little to find them…

A few tags are being saved, but there is one specific tag #hot which is not being saved in the used tags list. However a palm tree symbol is displayed in the daily log if I manually create #hot.
How can it be saved in the used tags list?
Also need to be able to edit and delete tags