Google Calendar - Sleep as Android

Whenever your calendar event collides with your next active alarm, Sleep as Android will move that alarm to an earlier time.

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How can I make it look at other calendars than the default for events?

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Is this setting for every calendar subscribed in your google account or does it only apply to the default?

In current implementation only default primary calendar is used for checking events. We consider to add such feature in future.

i, too would appreciate the option to select a specific calendar for the function to automatically reschedule the alarm :zzz::date::alarm_clock::+1:

How do you get a calendar named Sleep or #sleep?

I created a calendar named “Sleep” but the app does not connect to my calendar. However I was able to connect to Google fit.

I’ve created the sleep calendar and uploaded data but I don’t see a years worth of sleep data, only a few months. Also it doesn’t automatically sync, and when I do sync manually some days show duplicate data.

Is there a way to show more data, no duplicates and automatically sync to Google Calendar?


I created a Google cal, called it Sleep or “Sleep #sleep” but nothing works, it keeps saying it can’t find the cal. Any suggestion please?

I got it fixed. The Google permission request got hidden.

How did you notice that the permission was hidden? And how did you solve the problem?

I think I did this on my Android mobile and the process sent an authorization message in a different window that I only saw when checking/ cleaning up my many notifications.