Google Calendar - Sleep as Android

Whenever your calendar event collides with your next active alarm, Sleep as Android will move that alarm to an earlier time.

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How can I make it look at other calendars than the default for events?

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Is this setting for every calendar subscribed in your google account or does it only apply to the default?

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In current implementation only default primary calendar is used for checking events. We consider to add such feature in future.

i, too would appreciate the option to select a specific calendar for the function to automatically reschedule the alarm :zzz::date::alarm_clock::+1:

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How do you get a calendar named Sleep or #sleep?

I created a calendar named “Sleep” but the app does not connect to my calendar. However I was able to connect to Google fit.

I’ve created the sleep calendar and uploaded data but I don’t see a years worth of sleep data, only a few months. Also it doesn’t automatically sync, and when I do sync manually some days show duplicate data.

Is there a way to show more data, no duplicates and automatically sync to Google Calendar?


I created a Google cal, called it Sleep or “Sleep #sleep” but nothing works, it keeps saying it can’t find the cal. Any suggestion please?

I got it fixed. The Google permission request got hidden.

How did you notice that the permission was hidden? And how did you solve the problem?

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I think I did this on my Android mobile and the process sent an authorization message in a different window that I only saw when checking/ cleaning up my many notifications.

I have android 11 and cannot connect this app to my calendar for some reason.

Google is actively blocking access of the sleep app to my calendar

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Here too. Updated the app today, but like before, I get the Google is blocking this app message.

I would like some more information about the calendar alarm reschedule feature. My shift at work starts at different times between 5am-10am and my days off are different every week. I want to wake up 1h before work (not earlier since I always waste that time staring at the clock rather than do anything else). On my days off, I like to wake up at 11am.

The calendar somewhat works, but I feel like I’m doing it wrong and don’t know what to fix. I have an alarm set for 11am every day since I always want to wake up by then. On days I work at 9am, great - it reschedules my alarm for 8am perfect.

On days I work at 5am, complete fail - it prompts me to change my alarm manually with a reminder of my event. If I do as it says, my alarm is changed permanently to 4am. After waking up I have to fix my alarm back to 11am, then delete my calendar reminder for the next day, then re-create my next day calendar entry, close SaA, open SaA, turn my alarm off/on, delete & recreate my calendar entry again, until SaA finally sees tomorrow’s calendar again and adjusts it.

I considered just setting my week’s worth of daily alarms in SaA based on my schedule (since every day is different), but I have a tendency to set it wrong when trying to give myself 1h to wake up (either I’ll set it for the time my shift starts or I’ll start mixing up 8:45 and 8:15 and only have 30m to wake up).

*Is there an easier way to accomplish this waking up 1h before event?

*Is there a way to get SaA to check my calendar again if I’ve changed my alarms or events on my calendar for tomorrow?

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Does this get implemented yet?

It would be a very useful tool.

Having the ability to select a specific or multiple calendars is very important for people, like me, who have their work schedule automatically imported into its own calendar through an integration with a scheduling system. Until this is implemented I will have to settle for manually advancing my alarm through the postpone system.

I’d love to have the ability to select a custom time off calendar where any full day events trigger the Advance Next Alarm notification.