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Helps you actively improve your sleep habits. Goals are free to use – but let’s be honest to ourselves. Motivation to change your habits is much higher if there is something tangible at stake. Let’s say a few dollars.
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I was too quick setting a goal, can i change it in a more realistic one?

Sure - go to the Left menu > Goal, which will show you the progress of your current goal. At the bottom there’s a “STOP” button which will stop the current goal and let you set a new one.

Would love the ability to remove specific times from goals. For example, my main use is using it to get to sleep on time. However, if I take a nap at any point during the day, the average sleep hour is thrown right off and is essentially useless (it now thinks I sleep at 7am everyday, which is not the case). Or if I add sleep after my ideal time, that shifts the timing, too. Somehow being able to tell it “only between ___ to ____ times” or something".

I’m not really clear on what “irregularity” means in the context of a goal, and what the actual setting would be measuring. Can you explain that a bit more? For now I will start with a desired sleep length of 8h and try a goal of sleep time of 10pm to create a set routine, but is irregularity something different?

Good question, is it concerning varying sleep length (4 hours one night, 10 hours another night, etc), or varying TIMES you fall asleep (one night 9pm-5pm, another 4am-noon, etc)? Or both?

its eigther not clear for me, can somene plz explain it?

Hello, sorry for not answering this earlier…

Please check here:

Irregularity is calculated as the variance of the mid sleep hour… so your fall asleep time is important as well as your wake up time… This is very important as it seems the body is preparing for sleep in advanced so if you can keep regular sleep you can also get quality sleep…

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