Garmin Watch and Sleep Phaser Not Working Together

Detailed description of the problem:

Incapable of getting sleep as android to work on Garmin Fenix 5 Plus when a sleep phaser is being used as well. Steps followed in the Connect IQ app description in order presented and attempted several times. Disconnect one and the other works.

Phone in use is Sony XZ Premium running Android 9.0 Build 47.2.A.4.41

Watch, phone reboots have had no effect.

Possibly related to competing data sources - both do movement and its confusing the app. Suggested solution, have an option of where to get movement data from so you can choose higher watch battery drain but more accurate movement or less watch battery drain (only HR coming through) and less accurate movement measured by the phaser.

Steps to reproduce:

Obtain Fenix 5 Plus (?) or other garmin watch and use with sleep phaser.

Version of Sleep as Android:
Sleep as android version: 20190117 - using beta
Sleep as Android Garmin Addon Version: 20181206
Watch / Phaser Starter for Sleep as Android version: 1.0
ConnectIQ Watch App version: Latest - cant find a v number.