Garmin - can't connect with the app

I am trying to connect the Sleep as Android app with my Garmin Vivoactive 3 device and I am not able.
I have installed the Garmin add on phone and app on the smartwatch.

While I want to test device in android app it can’t connect with Garmin device. Can anyone guide me if I do something wrong?

Hello, thanks for reaching out.
For Garmin, the “test sensor” feature is not implemented as the integration platform itself is quite limited. For a guide on how to connect the watch, please see the documentation.

The problem is though I go to Sleep as android Homescreen, click on “Start sleep tracking” and I can see this:

The bar goes to the end and tracking starts but not sure if the app uses my smartwatch to track movement and heart rate.

When you see this screen on your phone, a prompt should show up on your watch, asking whether you want to start Sleep. Does that happen?

If not, could you please try starting tracking from the watch, by just starting the Sleep app? That should trigger the tracking on the phone as well.

If all fails, please send me a wearable log (left menu > send wearable report).

I wasn’t able to start either form phone nor smartwatch. Wearable report sent.

@jiri-urbandroid any news? How the log looks?

@jiri-urbandroid have you got my wearable report?

Hello, I’m terribly sorry for not replying sooner. I didn’t get your report. In fact I found out recently that on Android 10 (which I suspect you have?) the wearable report functionality is broken. We’ll fix it with an update that will be pushed tomorrow.

I also bought a Vivoactive 3 and tested sleep tracking with it for multiple nights - in all of the nights I didn’t have any issues with starting tracking (from the watch). So apparently there has to be something special about your setup. What firmware do you have? Do you have any special version of the watch like APAC?

Please, could you send the wearable log once again after the next update of the Garmin addon reaches you?

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Thanks for letting me now. I have Android 10 indeed, but I haven’t saw the update in Googla app store since your response. Can you confirm is there already? It is for the Sleep as Android app or Garmin plugin itself?

Hey, you’re right. You need the latest version of both (Sleep as Android & Garmin addon) but they’re on staged release.
We’ve just bumped Garmin addon to 100% so it should update for you soon or you can update manually from Play Store.

Sleep as Android has the latest release on 5% rollout so you probably don’t have it but you can speed things up by installing it from our website (you can just install it over you already installed Sleep as Android, it won’t interfere with further updates from Play Store. Just make sure that you DO NOT UNINSTALL the app first - that would delete all your data).

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I’ve updated everything but the problem still exists. I have even clear all data and reboot everything. Still no connection. I sent you the report via email.

Any news about my problem? Still can’t connect. I would like to use your app.

Hey, any news regarding this? I’m experiencing the same issue as nieprzem. Also Vívoactive 3.

Hi there, any news about this issue. I’m experiencing exactly the same problem.
Thanks in advance!

Seem to have the same problem on garmin venu

With Venu, phone app says “Garmin Connected”, but watch stuck on “connecting to phone” and there’s no sleep data. Help?

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I had the same problem. It turns out to be my phone’s settings issue. Follow the instructions on this website It worked for me so hopefully, it will also work for you guys.

This did not work for me. Unfortunately the sleep app is stuck on “Connecting” on my Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE and the phone app does not find the wearable.
Sleep tracking does always work with my sleep phaser, so there shouldn’t be any battery optimization issue on hand.

I have the Same issue on Venu 2. I’ve installed all add-ons and made the energysaving exceptions on my son xz3. Still no connection most of the time.
When it does connect, it Breaks up at Some point and i dont get the Vibration-alarm on the watch.

Hello folks ,

thank you for your feedback. There is a large bug in the Garmin communication API which Garmin refuses to fix for years. Occasionally the Garmin Connect Mobile app clogs up the communication between our app and the watch. In that case, we’ve found out that force stopping and then starting the Garmin Connect Mobile app will refresh the comm queue and then it should work normally.

We tried to contact Garmin on this several times but they just ignore this issue. So our patience just run out now and we have moved to a quite nasty but hopefully fuctional workaround.

We’ve just finished an update of the Garmin integration which uses a different method of communication between the app and the watch, which is apparently working much better than the direct method we used before. We use both of those methods simultaneously and if the old one fails, we switch to the new method. From our tests, this has good results and we haven’t had any missed data in any night we’ve been testing with this.
On Vivoactive 3, we’re also seeing around 15% battery drain per 8h of tracking (with HR/HRV on).

If you want to try this, you’re going to need two things - a new Garmin addon for phone, and a new watch app. Both of these are currently labeled as beta and not published for general availability. So to try it, please follow the steps below.

  1. Get beta of the phone addon:
  2. Register for beta testing of the Sleep as Android Garmin addon here >>
  3. Make sure the beta update gets downloaded on your phone.
  4. Get the updated watch app
  5. First uninstall the Sleep app from your watch using the Garmin Connect app ( Garmin Connect > tap on your watch > Activities & App Management > Activities & Apps > Sleep > Uninstall )
  6. Download the .prg file for your watch model in the list here:
  7. Connect your watch to your computer via USB. Put the .prg file on your watch in /GARMIN/APPS folder (just like you would put it on a USB drive).
  8. Run Sleep on your watch!

Please let me know any thoughts or feedback you’d have about this.

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