Fitbit Ionic/Versa beta integration

Is there an idiot guide for the process to start sleep tracking on this. I have the beta app, the app on the phone, and I’ve tried the test function and verified the accelerometer functions. So tonight do I just open the app on the watch and then hit track on the phone? Then in the morning do I first close the app on the Ionic or hit the stop in the phone?

Sorry to be a dunce but in reading through I hell like I jumped into the middle of a conversation.

No worries :slight_smile: I believe that such guide is now included in the watch app. When you start the beta watch app, there’s a welcome screen that tells you to:

  1. Set Settings > Wearables > Use Wearable to Fitbit in the phone app
  2. Start sleep tracking in the phone app

And then you’ll see on the phone that it’s attempting to connect to the Fitbit, which should eventually succeed.

In the morning, it doesn’t ideally matter what you do first, the apps communicate with each other so they’ll pass the information about stopping to the other side. If all goes well, you can stop either on watch or phone and the other party will stop too.

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Worked perfectly this night!

Very happy, many thanks. :grin:

Ok, looks like it worked part of the night and then got discombobulated.34

Success! …almost… :smile:

For me it lasted less than a minute, at least it did not closed just as the HR was shown.
Tonight I will test with no HR.

I connected immediately, stayed connected all night, and the watch stopped when the alarm went off and I stopped it. The app even kept running when I hit snooze.

Thank you!

Thank you - please test the current version without HR. It is still crashing the app, I just fixed the toggle that allows you to turn HR monitoring off.

I may have found a fix for the HR crashing altogether recently but I need to test it thoroughly first before releasing…

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that’s really good news @jiri-urbandroid.
I was testing HR just to see haw it was, I knew you said it was still crashing. This time it did not close as soon as the HR icon appear in the app. It closed a little later. That’s why I left it running to see how it went.
Tonight I will set it without HR.
Nice touch the (HR) labeling in the watch app by the way.

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I tried to use every day but the watch app exited all the time. But after the last upgrade and disabling the HR the watch app survived the night.

On the other hand, the sleep tracking still doesn’t work. At the morning I got a flat line. I have Fitbit Versa Lite. Report is sent.

Worked all night this time.
For some weird reason there is a small time frame in red, but it continued working fine after.27

Last night it was working very well.

I have very important question. Where I can see the actual version info?
I tried to find but no success.
May somebody could tell me.

Another thing I recognized that previously when I moved my wrist, the watch display changed from tracking to paused. After the last update I haven’t seen this behavior any more. Maybe this is related to the flat line.

You can find the version in the Fitbit app on your phone.
Find “My Apps” by pressing your watch on the upper side on the main screen, then “Apps” in the upper group of alternatives. Then find “Sleep as Android” and press that one. The version will be a bit further down.

Thank you. Current version is 20190515.

Mine was updated 20190516 as in the date.
My version is 1.2

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Hi there,

This is incredibly exciting news! I have been considering buying a Fitbit for months, but lack of smart alarm was putting me off. I don’t really need all the versa features, but if it has a smartalarm I guess that would make it worth it! am I right in saying this app allows you to have an alarm that wakes you during the optimal point in your sleep cycle?

That is correct! :blush:
You may also configure the watch to vibrate if you are a heavy sleeper - like me. :slight_smile:

I have to remediate myself, the watch does switch to pause and back to tracking.

But I also found a new thing. Neither the watch app nor the listener app in my phone exists when I stop the alarm at the morning. And still only get flat line.

Since version 1.2 and without HR Tracking working without any Problems. Looking forward to use the HR one day.

Fitbit Ionic
Huawei P10 Plus