Fitbit Ionic/Versa beta integration

Hi there. First time user and poster. Just sent a log, not sure if it will be useful. Also uploading a comparison of my Fitbit tracking alongside SAA tracking. A couple of notable observations:

a. SAA recorded more overall “cycles” especially deep sleep phases. It appears Fitbit didn’t log any deep sleep after midnight.
b. Fitbit tracked me as “awake” at 5 am when I woke up to pee, where SAA didn’t appear to.

Any reasons for the differences? Also, is it possible to get a breakdown of time in each phase in SAA, as Fitbit does in the bottom portion of the attached screenshot?

Here is the Fitbit tracking.

Because I still can only see flat lines with my Versa Lite despite that the watch seemingly recognize when I’m awake, I tried the “sensor test” hoping I can see something. But it seems that in sensor test mode the SAA does not start the helper process and therefore the watch cannot connect. So it seems that with Fitbit the sensor cannot be tested.

Thanks for you work on this, jiri! I have tested with version 1.2. I have successfully tracked through the night multiple times with my versa and the companion app (have heart rate disabled the app for now).

However, I have noticed that my smart alarm does not respond to watch movements. I woke up yesterday within the smart alarm period and spent several minutes moving my wrist and arm in an attempt to active the alarm. The alarm did not start until I picked up my phone (which triggered the sensor in the phone to set off the smart alarm).

Greetings, I´ve been using fitbit devices for a long time, surge, Aria, etc, now with a Ionic for over a year, always felt that sleep analysis report was not complete enough, as of today I Installed SAA and joined the Beta program.
Now my question is, I do not see how to download and install the Fitbit companion app in the fitbit app gallery. I looked for “Sleep as Android” in the catalog but do not see it.
Can you help ?
thanks, Andy

Hi Andy–this link should work (access from your phone, and it should open in the fitbit app).

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Great !!! thanks Brian, its all set now, looking forward for tonight’s sleep :slight_smile:

The watch app worked all night, and alarm went off fine. However tracking from a large part of the middle of the night is missing. Also I tried to press snooze on the watch app, and it briefly worked before throwing an error within the watch app itself and saying to contact support.

Hello. I have an ionic and am new to the app - been a beta tester for a week or so. Was working fine (tracked all night, woke me in the morning) then it stopped working. By stopped working I mean watch app would stop after a few (15 minutes?) and wouldn’t track or wake me up in the morning. Couldn’t figure out why. Then after reading this forum remembered I turned on heart rate monitoring. Turned it off yesterday and again worked last night. Just thought I would share.

One question - for the times it has worked, the alarm always wakes me up at the alarm time and not before. Is this normal? I have the window set to 30 minutes and I would have thought it would have found a more optimal time at least once. If someone could point me to how that works it would be appreciated.


This weekend my watch app refuses to connect to the Sleep app, have not being able to track my sleep with Sleep for two days now.
PS: any news about the next release?

When it stopped connecting to my phone, I rebooted both phone and watch. After that it has worked perfectly.

After I restarted both devices it worked for one night, but then the same happened again.
Should I restart the devices everyday? this is cumbersome.

I test this app since you released the first version. It started working like it should since last update after I disabled heart rate. Good job.
I wonder if you can make this smart watch to vibrate when alarm is ringing.

I have my alarm setup to be silent for first 3 minutes but have my watch vibrate immediately. Works great. I do it with following options in the app.

Since deactivating of heart rate tracking works great.
One time I had a gap in the tracking. I guess it was broken connection, but normally works.
But could you tell me, when heart tracking will be ready?
I have a Fitbit Ionic.
I will try maybe today.

Hello! Thanks for all the work done! Even my old broken Blaze more or less responding with the app now. I am planning to buy versa or ionic. Which is better for now with the app? The main feature for me is the Smart Wake up feature.
I need:

1)the watch to send data about my pulse / accelerometer to the app

2)the app to make a decision, if I am in the best for waking up phase and if yes - to send signal to the watch to start alarm

3)the watch to receive the signal and to start alarm

  1. the alarm have to start only in the watch, the telephone have to be silent and with no vibration

Will it work like this? Thanks.

Update: HR Tracking is not working.

I have a Ionic and it’s working fine, except HR Tracking.

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Hi, maybe I’m the only Versa Lite user here, but for me, the sleep tracking still doesn’t work. After I start the application on the phone and the watch they’re seemingly synchronizing together but at the end I see only flat lines and no early alerts. I even able to stop the alert on the watch, just the sleep data is missing.

Jump to thread number 1, there you can see the Link for the companion app.