Fitbit Ionic/Versa beta integration

Just recognized, that this is working, even when ,you think it’s not…
I always tryed to test the fitbit sensor, but you shouldn’t do that.

Just start your sleep, when you select FitBit as device.

But of cause follow the instruction of the developer and it will work very great.

And @jiri-urbandroid after I made the mistake written in the comment, the whole setting section “sleep” just disappeared.
I had to reset the app and restoring an Backup

I’m a little bit unhappy about downgrade, because I have to manually update all other apps I need…
I hope the problem will be solved soon.

@Andrew9mb No version of Sleep will work with the 3.9.1 Fitbit app. Anyone who downgraded (or didn’t) should update to the latest version of Sleep on watch v1.6.

At this moment a new version of the Fitbit app (3.10.1) is available, but the fetch() call (which is the core function through which the watch app communicates with the phone app) still doesn’t work.

@Martin_Strell yes I hope so as well :confused:

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@Martin_Strell Here’s a tip, go to the Fitbit app in the PlayStore.
Click the three dots in the right top corner.
Deselect Auto Update.
And Everytime you click update all, a window will pop up and ask you if you really want to update Fitbit.
Just click skip and you’re done👍


Thank you for the tip :blush::+1:

Our app has been approved for publishing on the Fitbit App Gallery. That’s great news as it means that it will be available through search in the Fitbit app. However at the moment the core issue of connection between watch and phone still persists due to a big in the Fitbit Android app.

So I’ll defer publishing the app until the bug has been fixed on the Fitbit side. (They actually already thought they fixed it in 3.10 of the Fitbit app but have been told by multiple developers that they didn’t - see if interested.)


@jiri-urbandroid is there any update on the apps being updated? Has fitbit fixed the issue yet?

They haven’t yet but thanks to our reports they’ve been able to reproduce it in their latest version and I have high hopes of the issue being fixed in Fitbit app v3.12.


The update of Fitbit to version 3.12 (dated Dec 11, 2019) showed up on my phone today. Before I update, can you confirm that this version works with Sleep as Android?

Hi, according to Jon Barlow from Fitbit, the version 3.12 does not fix the issue.
What a bummer :confused:



Not the news I was hoping for. I’ll stick with version 3.9. :thinking:

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My ionic hasn’t been able to connect to the app for a while now. With or without HR.


I’m having a hard time connecting my versa lite too

News about fitbit? Regarding version 3.9?

I was also wondering about an update coming along. I just got a Versa 2 unexpectedly and unfortunately in order for it to have full functionality I may need to update the fitbit android app. :confused: Hopefully everything works as good as it did on the Versa 1.

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News just came in - an upcoming version of the Fitbit app has the fix. It’s usually a staged rollout so we cannot tell who’ll get it when but as soon as I’m able to test it, I’ll post here a confirmation and publish Sleep on the Fitbit app gallery.



Great news.
Looking forward to next release or feedback. :slight_smile:

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Another question appeared.
Every Monday happens, that I could not close the companion app on fitbit ionic. (not sure, why every Monday).
It’s not closing automatically and when I look on my watch and see the companion app still running, it’s difficult to close.

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The new version of Fitbit app (v3.13) has begun rollout! If anyone is able to try it, please let me know if it works for you!

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I take it that I just have to check the play store for the update, and if it’s available it would say so? When I check, it just says last updated Dec 18, 2019. So I don’t suppose I’m part of the rollout. :frowning: