Fitbit Ionic/Versa beta integration

The problem is that the app doesn’t have the ability to start a sleep logging. According to Jiri this is a flaw in the Fitbit operating system… :pensive:

Could you send me a debug log (menu > report a bug)?

Regarding the server start - are you using automatic sleep tracking or do you always start manually? I agree with you that the current flow is not perfect. As @JabbaMoon says…if Fitbit was able to send a message first there would be no hassle with the server at all :slight_smile:

disabled FitToFit yesterday before start track Sleep and the graph was nice this morning, HR and all.
Congrats @jiri-urbandroid.
Comparing with Fitbit own sleet tracking Sleep is better, Fitbit did not got the time I was awake around 6 am and Sleep did.
About the battery use, I think is less than before, in previous test the watch was using about 10% when tracking with Sleep, and about 5-6 % when not, today it was about 7-8 % so looks about 2% more efficient even with HR enabled.

Let’s not jump to conclusions :slight_smile: I think the battery drain numbers may vary but all in all it seems like a good percentage.
So hopefully we just need to sort it out for Versa Lite and it’s gonna be ready for release.

Currently I start tracking in the app and then start tracking on my watch. So the manual option. I’ll have to look into the automatic tracking, that seems more like what I want.
Also I’ve sent you the debug log.

I haven’t used in a little bit, because the main purpose I wanted it for (smart alarm) has been negated by having young kids that have me awake well before my alarm. :smiley:

I’ll give it a go tonight, though, to see how the tracking fares, with HR.

@Brian_Deleeuw I feel you there man. I’m just about to bring a second one onto this world so smart alarm for me is an utopia :slight_smile:

While I’m waiting, I would like to report another issue I found lately. When I try to test the sensor, the helper process does not start (at least I could not find it int the notification bar) and therefore the watch unable to connect, which means the sensor cannot be actually tested.

I tested a few times with HR tracking, before I wrote this post.
Working great since last update with Fitbit Ionic. Thanks a lot.

what sensors you use? on this page in the Tab “specs” you can see what sensors the Versa has and the Versa Lite not:

So if you are using the “3-axis gyroscope” it is clear why it is not working. the HR Tracking is working on my Versa Lite and only my moves are not tracked.

I’m using the accelerometer, not the gyroscope, so this is not the cause. Could you please send me a debug log (menu > report a bug) to let me take a look?

@jiri-urbandroid I sent a new bug report.

I can’t get any of the companion app links to open in the FitBit Android app so I can install it.

This companion app is also unsearchable from the Android FitBit app’s gallery.

FitBit tech support is claiming this is an Urbandroid problem.

I’ve been mucking with Tasker and intent.VIEW, but can’t seem to get the correct data format for the FitBit app to consume.

Please help me get the companion app installed?

@kaws which Fitbit device do you have exactly? I ask this because not all is threated equal and for example my Versa lite was started to be supported in a later version. And before that version my symptoms was very similar to yours.

I have an Ionic.

It’s not that my device is unsupported, it’s just that there isn’t a way to get Sleep Companion app on it.

Clicking on the companion app link opens it in any Android browser I like, just not the Fitbit app.

I can install other Ionic apps from the FitBit app, but Sleep is unfindable in the app store.

@kaws The Sleep app is not yet in the Fitbit app store - you can only install it from the direct link. I did not yet put on the Fitbit app gallery for review. I don’t want to do it until the issues with Versa Lite are resolved.

Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately, the link will open in any Android browser i care to, but clicking it won’t open it in the Fitbit Android app :frowning:

I’ve been trying to use Tasker to send an intent, specifically:


to the com.fitbit.FitbitMobile package and the class com.fitbit.deeplink.DeepLinkActivity, which seems to be the thing supposed to handle Fitbit web ”open with” functionality. I found this is FitBit’s manifest.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out what form it wants the data in.

Any ideas?

When I am opening the Link there is a Button/Link “open App”. When I Trigger this Link it open the Fitbit App store and I can install it on my Versa Lite.

Hi again everyone and especially fellow VersaLiters!

I’ve attempted a fix for the current main issue on Versa Lite. What I observed is that on Versa Lite no accelerometer sensor readings are made whatsoever. There is a difficulty with Versa Lite that there is no way to test your code on an actual device - Versa Lite does not support sideloading, so the only way to test is on emulator. But guess what - the emulator does not support testing sensors. So we’re kinda blindfolded here.

Anyway, my theory is that Versa Lite does not have batched accelerometer API implemented well or at all, and so I have rewritten the code so that on Lite it uses the older non-batched accelerometer API. This would be a little more battery hungry but hopefully not gigantically.

I really hope this will work out since there’s a newborn to be added to our home very soon (like on Monday) and I’ll be out of office for a while…so fingers crossed!

Version 1.4:

Oh and regarding @kaws issue, if anybody runs into the same, this worked for me:
adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -c android.intent.category.BROWSABLE -d fitbit://gallery?path=APP/90650cd6-76fa-40db-a747-240ac7da8a02?directLink=true -f 0x14000000 -n com.fitbit.FitbitMobile/com.fitbit.deeplink.DeepLinkActivity

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Perfect! Thank you so much!