Discrepancy between Samsung Health Sleep tracking and Sleep as Android - Both using Gear Fit Pro 2 band

So here’s the thing (and I tried looking for another topic on this but didn’t see one).
This week I started tracking my sleep with the Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2.

I use HealthSync to sync everything from Samsung Health to Google Fit.
However. Samsung tracks my sleep separate from Sleep as Android and there’s not really anyway to stop that, not that I mind, what I do mind though is the MASSIVE discrepancy between the 2 data sets.

Last night, Sleep as Android, claims I had only 15% Deep sleep (my all-time low btw.)
However the Samsung Health app, claims I was Motionless for 3:50 hours.

From what I know about the tracking, the motionlessness indicates deepsleep as the body is automatically paralyzed from the neck down.

However 15% of 8 hours of sleep is 1.2 hours.

Sleep as Android has tracked my heartrate and movement fine as far as I can tell, through the band.
Yet somehow came to completely different conclusions than the Samsung app. I’d always believe SAA before Samsung, but this difference is massive, not to mention the SAA result is so far from what I was used to when I measured my sleep with the Phone on the mattress.

Can anyone explain it?

Noone has encountered this difference?

i’ve got the same perception using a samsung gear sport. Though I use Samsung Health directly and there is no sync to another programm. But Samsung health is independantly tracking from SaA, with different results.
Since I am new in Sleep Tracking I’m going to test different settings in the SaA App. Until now I had sonor as sensor in place and my watch on my wrist at night. First of all I test a different sensor and if that doesn’t help I will try different locations for my smartphone. I’ll give here an update if that is appreciated
Best regards

nothing changed. SSA keeps claiming I only get around 15% deepsleep each night… and samsung keeps claiming it’s 4 to 5 hours…

I ordered a WHOOP… I’ll compare the measurements.

ps: I’ve posted this anew in bugreports:"