Sleep as Android not tracking Deep Sleep properly with Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

I’ve posted this before in General, but got zero response. After another week of use I’ve concluded it must be a bug, therefore I post it here again.

Detailed description of the problem:
Samsung tracks my sleep separate from Sleep as Android and there’s not really anyway to stop that, not that I mind, what I do mind though is the MASSIVE discrepancy between the 2 data sets.

For almost every night for a week now, Sleep as Android, claims I had only 15-17% Deep sleep (my all-time low compared to when I used to Phone itself in bed btw.)
However the Samsung Health app, claims I was Motionless for 3:50 to 4:30 hours those nights.

From what I know about the tracking, the motionlessness indicates deepsleep as the body is automatically paralyzed from the neck down.

However 15% of 8 hours of sleep is 1.2 hours, which doesn’t even come close to the Samsung App data from the same Tracker.

Sleep as Android has tracked my heart-rate and movement fine as far as I can tell, through the band.
Yet somehow came to completely different conclusions than the Samsung app. I’d always believe SAA before Samsung, but this difference is massive, not to mention the SAA result is so far from what I was used to when I measured my sleep with the Phone on the mattress.

Steps to reproduce:
Track sleep with Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro with SAA and Samsung Health app.

Version of Sleep as Android:
Android 9 Pie, newest Samsung update.

Hello Aragorn, can you please use menu - report a bug from the app this will also include raw actitivity data for last 3 sleep tracks, we can see how they look like and maybe get some hints from there. Many thanks…

Done! I’ve reported it in app.

I also noticed this, I’ve been using SaA on and off for quite a few years now. I don’t use it all the time because I don’t like having the phone on my bed and didn’t know until yesterday it could sync with watches. So, last night was my first night using it again. I was able to sync my sleep from both Samsung Health and SaA to Google Fit.

Sadly, I deleted SaA before updating/backing up my graph (it was early and didn’t realize it until as soon as it started deleting it). So, I can’t share those with you. I did have it sync’d with Google Fit before hand but it doesn’t show the graph/chart within their app (unless I just don’t know how to activate it).

According to SaA I slept 8 hr 8 min; going to bed at 12:00 am (exactly) and waking up at 8:07 am.
According to SH I slept a total of 7 hr 11 min, going to bed at 12:54 am and waking at 8:05 am.

So, they are pretty close on the wake up but almost an hour off in the going to bed. Maybe it’s because I manually start tracking on SaA and it starts tracking/says I’m sleeping as soon as I start? SH is automatic (I also have a Samsung Gear Fit2).

This however is something different. It’s not the amount of deepsleep that’s different.

Samsung Health only measures your sleep from the moment it thinks you’re actually a sleep.
SaA starts tracking ‘sleep’ from the moment you start it… which is not actually when you are a sleep.
From what I can tell anyway.